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Gwydir Carapark, Moree

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Corner of Newell Hwy and Amaroo Drive, 3 km S of PO. On right heading S from town, just before the airport. Ph: 02 6752 2723. Family Parks member. Pets allowed, at discretion of management, on leash, 3 days maximum - not in cabins.

Report By: Bryan and Vicki(114)
Date of Stay: November 2017 Rating: 3.5
Great park for this time of the year not so crowded the 5 pools are great, Maria and Joe in the kiosk are very abliging and cook great meals at very cheap prices also can order daily papers and have a small grocery line, sad that Wayne the aboriginal gardener passed away was always good for a yarn, payed $189 for 7 nights with Family Parks discount, recommend a stay here.

Report By: The Meadows(146)
Date of Stay: November 2017 Rating: 3
The thermal pools are the big attraction at this park and are very good, 4 medium size hot pools with 2 of these new and the other 2 to be redone over the coming summer, and 1 newish large cooler pool. The park itself though is really showing its age with tired old amenities with small showers and the hot water systems in our amenity block produced barely warm water. Many sites are small, the north sites were we were all are so skinny that if adjoining sites are occupied then awnings from one van end up just inches from the next van. There are also only 2 rubbish bins in the entire very large park, which is really unacceptable. We paid $30 per night for 2 adults on a powered site. My rating would have been higher if only rating the pools, but the rest of the park bought the mark down.

Report By: Kevin & Lyn(286)
Date of Stay: July 2017 Rating: 3.5
Friendly staff. Clean amenities. Great pools. Park was quite full when we were there. Some sites very tight. Paid $30.00 per night powered after chain discount. Management has opened another caravan park 1 km closer into town. Sites there are $17.00 per night powered. Booking forboth parks are done through Gwydir Carapark. They only have one pool there a 25mt. Pool is the same hot water and pool has been recently refurbished. New park is a work in progress. You can use the pools at both caravan parks.

Report By: Robmarang(71)
Date of Stay: August 2016 Rating: 3.5
Friendly and efficient staff. $32.00 per night 2 adults powered. A large park with a mixture of long stay, short stay and over nighters. Obviously the hot thermal pools are a big draw card for those with aches and pains. Very busy in southern winter but the numbers staying there do not seem as many due to the large area the Park occupies. I phone an hour or two out to check on site availability. All amenities and services are clean. Alternative Park is Mehi which is small and fills quickly. Road works have made it necessary to change the entry point to Gwydir Park so if approaching from the south the entry is further along the Highway so "SLOW DOWN" and watch for signs. My stays here have ranged from 4 days to overnight and I keep coming back.

Report By: Pudding(54)
Date of Stay: May 2016 Rating: 3.5
Average staff friendliness, no complaints. Reasonable value for money $30 for 1A, powered, shoulder season. Amenities are close to most sites, were clean, condition is good, water pressure is good, there was adequate hot water, paper towels/dryer provided. Adequate number of tourist sites, some level sites, good night lighting, very few annex slabs, very few sites are shaded, drive-through sites, hard to negotiate into site. Basic laundry, you can use your mobile wireless carrier used was Vodafone, reception quality was 4. Noisy, claustrophobic park, inadequate shade. Suitable for few days, suitable for families, well maintained park.
Liked:- Due to park being near full as I have a small van I was put onto a site that was not level. As I pulled in there were another 4 vans in the cue.
Disliked:- Very crowed - thermal pools popular. Preferred Mehi park. Because it was so crowded it was very noisy, lots of cars driving about. Reception very "business like".

Report By: Max Sydney(108)
Date of Stay: April 2016 Rating: 4
This park is cheap and cheerful, with the major value added of four hot pools and one large cold water one. We have been going for some years now, but did not get there in 2015. The major additions since our last stay are a much needed new office with more space, and an extra area with larger powered sites than most of the very narrow existing ones. We thought it would be quieter in April than the popular winter time, but had not reckoned on arriving on the Thursday before Anzac weekend and did not know they had a large group of travelling golfers! Checking in was a bit slow, but in very trusting style the receptionists asked us to come back later to pay! We did - $200 for a powered site for seven nights. Amenities blocks are busy but generally well kept, but in one of them the lights went out several times in the week, so we either took a torch or headed for another block. The pools are well set up and popular, but because they are large we were able to use the ones we selected each time. Unlike most parks, they have a wash bay for cars and caravans, another bonus - especially as fruit bats love the tress around the park and tend to be messy if you park under one of them. Grassed areas, gardens trees etc are all well maintained, and the dump point that I complained about in an earlier post has been upgraded and is much more pleasant to use.

Report By: Kevin & Lyn(286)
Date of Stay: October 2015 Rating: 3
Pools lovely and clean. Amenities clean. $28.80 2 adults powered p/n after chain discount. Sites well marked.

Report By: Thompsons(107)
Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 3
Friendly staff, no complaints, staff explained park layout and facilities. Good value for money. Amenities are close to only some sites, were clean, condition is reasonable, water pressure is good, there was adequate hot water, soap provided, disabled facilities. Adequate number of tourist sites, mostly level sites, good night lighting, sites will accommodate large motorhomes and 5th wheelers, annex slabs to some sites, shade to some sites, ensuite sites available, drive-through sites, adequate taps close by, adequate sullage close by. Good laundry, no rec room, kiosk, disabled facilities, car wash, dump point, you can use your mobile wireless carrier used was Telstra, reception quality was 4. Noisy, claustrophobic park, adequate shade. Clean BBQs. No playground. Clean pool, heated, tables and chairs provided, spa available. Suitable for a week or more, well maintained park.
Liked:- Good Kiosk/Take Away with meals provided daily.
Disliked:- The park was very crowded in the winter months and the sites are very narrow with annex nearly touching next door van. Most of the noise is from the park workers driving around in their quad bikes/golf carts with no regard for the speed they are going.

Report By: Kevin & Lyn(286)
Date of Stay: February 2015 Rating: 3
Have never stayed here at this time of year before. Park was just about empty. $29 p/n 2A after chain discount. The amenities were clean. BBQ clean. The pools left a bit to be desired. Whilst there they were not cleaned. The 2 cooler pools had a lot of dirt on the bottom of them. There were also weeds in the pool paving and in the gardens. It may have been that we were very early in the season, as on all our prior visits the pools and surrounding area have been very well maintained.

Report By: GeeNEmm(138)
Date of Stay: December 2014 Rating: 3.5
$28.80 2A P/N pwrd with Family Parks discount. We were allocated a site in an island section between the cabins. Double concrete slab (which wasn't level) partially shaded and easy to reverse into. Lots of room in the front to leave car and annex had slab. Our van on site was max 1m from annex of site next door. We thought this was ok, as we had a bit of grass space the other side. Alas then we noticed we were site 'a' and the grass section 3x3m's between two trees was actually another site 'b'. Thankfully 'b' wasn't used during our time-don't know how it would have been accessed noting trees front and back. Other sections of park were drive thru gravel-very close together also, and grassy section not being used. Noisy, claustrophobic park-and it wasn't peak period. Park is situated next to airport, some light aircraft noise encountered by definitely tolerable. Gardeners and cabin cleaners zooming around on quad bikes and golf buggies much more constant and noisy. Not speed regulated, they were a constant-unless gardener was using leaf vacuum or mower. Thermal pools were the draw card and the highlight, various temps available and amenities near to them were very clean. Main amenities block central to our section and drive thru section was struggling to cope with the amount of patrons during our stay, so could not imagine winter crowd being well catered for. Amenities were old, average cleanliness with soap provided. TV reception was dodgy-easily tuned in then heaps of intermittent interference. Airport?? Not good for the cricket! Optus and Telstra internet and mobile reception good. Dump point available, large laundry with antique dryers not that they were required in 36 deg heat. Tidy park-with gardener always on the go showing great results. 2 industrial bins only for rubbish-one at entry to park, one on western side. We didn't mind this, and understand management rationale that this keeps potential pong/vermin down. Extras: Takeaway cafe onsite-we didn't use but prices were reasonable.

Report By: Kevin & Lyn(286)
Date of Stay: September 2014 Rating: 3.5
Nothing has changed from our last visit here. Park very full. Amenities just coping. Thermal Pools just great. $27.90 after chain discount powered site 2 people.

Report By: Chips(73)
Date of Stay: August 2014 Rating: 3.5
This a very busy park, most likely due to the popularity of the 4 thermal pools on site. We were in the Western section of the park. After a walk around the park, for us, this was by far the best section,but each to their own. Sites were still quite well grassed considering the lack of recent rainfall in the area. Amenities in our section were clean and maintained, but struggled a little due to the numbers. A very enjoyable stay and would choose here again without hesitation, but as mentioned, it is very busy. At night though,it was very quiet and peaceful. Very impressed with the Main Street and shopping area, very well presented and a good feel to it.