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NRMA Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park, Port Macquarie

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1 Munster Street (corner Sunset Parade). Formally Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park. Head for the entrance to Hastings River. There are signs nearer the park, but they are small and only show a caravan with no name. Ph: 02 6583 2755 or 1800 636 452. Pets allowed not peak times.

Report By: Kevin & Lyn(286)
Date of Stay: March 2018 Rating: 4
$38.70 per night powered. New amenities block completed there are showers, disabled amenities, parents showers and laundry in each block. These were clean and well maintained while we were there. Lots of work happening around the park.

Report By: GoGo(31)
Date of Stay: June 2017 Rating: 4
Plenty of $ being spent updating facilities in this park. Three new amenities blocks being built leaving one nearest the entrance to cater for the remainder of the park which over winter is the way to go. Also a new skate/scooter area being constructed on fifth av near the swimming pool. If they have any $ left over my dying wish is the owners rip up the gutters which are car/van killers. And please some new slabs, the old ones are woeful.

Report By: Wandering Walls(37)
Date of Stay: February 2017 Rating: 2
Our previous report of this park (September 2014) still remains basically the same. Apparently new owners will/have taken over but it's a bit too early to see any changes. Only additional issue apart from the roadways is that there was no key or code for the toilets and thus door remained open 24/7. This is a bit of a worry when using the facilities at night time.

Report By: GoGo(31)
Date of Stay: January 2017 Rating: 3.5
I really bagged this place when I stayed there a year or so ago. It has new owners and a few things have changed (for the better). For a start the "Sundowner" part of the name has gone. The park might now be called Port Macquarie Breakwall. New owners took over in the winter of 2016 and they have spent some $ on the old joint putting in new power boxes and taps on a lot of sites. The pool looks cleaner and the grounds are well maintained - gone is the foot high grass around sites. Hopefully the gutters and amenities block will be next.

Report By: MitzynBud(20)
Date of Stay: August 2016 Rating: 2.5
No reception staff on arrival. As others have said, the park is very tired and badly needs updating. We were told it has been sold and in the process of the new owners taking over. Toilets constantly had no hand lotion and often no paper towels. Roads definitely need upgrading, there were a lot of potholes. We chose this park because of its locality however didn't realise how busy the break wall would be. There were people walking, jogging, pushbike riding and skateboarding at all hours of the day and night. The sound of people talking actually woke us and other caravaners up in the early hours of the morning.

Report By: GoGo(31)
Date of Stay: January 2016 Rating: 1.5
Decided to stay here for change because of the location - we normally go to Jordans. As reported by others on this website the place is very rundown. Amenities are original with weird plumbing the likes i have never seen before. However it works and leaks are now minimal. The constant roar of the fan in the men's toilet wall in B lock I think, is a danger to ones hearing. Water is hot and pressure excellent. Sites are weird too. If you get a slab it goes under your van whilst the annex sits on mother earth with your car beside that. This arrangement gives good clearance from your neighbors next door. Your 25ft van might have its draw bar nudging the road however, as sites can be on the shallow side. Taps and 240v are too far away. Sites had not been mowed for weeks as grass was a foot high is some places. The fellow on the ride on mower must have his ears burning because on our second day he turned up at long last to dazzle us with his mowing technique which included an impromptu collision with our draw bar. Piles of long cut grass were left for mother nature to collect and was still there two days later when we left. To his credit he didn't shorten our 240v lead or hose! For mine, the worst thing about this CP is the roads. If the drainage ditches don't break you the speed humps will. The ditches both line the roads and cross the roads and they are lethal. BEWARE and take it very slow especially at intersections. The swimming pool has a scum line on it (just above the water line) that has probably never been cleaned. There is graffiti all the way along it going back years. We paid about $45 per night in mid Jan (no chain discount). If it weren't for the location the place would go broke.

Report By: GeeNEmm(138)
Date of Stay: June 2015 Rating: 1
Agree with the last report. After staying here for a few years it is such a shame that this park has not been kept in a good state of repair. It was constantly busy during our 5 night stay, so maybe they just don't want to or need to keep up the maintenance to sites and facilities?? At $36 p/n 2A pwd (group booking discount) it is poor value for money. The site allocated to us had a dual concrete slab with more cracks and waves in the concrete than the Pacific Ocean! Damaged due to the roots of the 20+m pine tree - so not recent but still they trot out the site as suitable for a 24ft van to park on?? Lethagic staff agreed to change site only when we gave them the solution. Kept up the low level of customer service we, and other members of our party, encountered on check in. Overcharging tried on two of our party, one getting another credit card debit the week after their departure. This took two calls to sort out, with staff quite rude and unhelpful even when admitting finally they were totally in the wrong. The park has a great location,which I guess is what people are attracted by. 3 amenities blocks-all with prominent water saving posters and all with dripping/leaking showers, taps and cisterns. Get a plumber! Our group won't be staying at this park again.

Report By: Shez(85)
Date of Stay: March 2015 Rating: 1.5
Oh dear! What a waste of what could be a really nice park. It is a very big park set along the side of the break wall. It is an open roomy park and has loads of room for big rigs. It has fairly modern cabins along the break wall side of the park and up on the hill but the budget looking cabins are old and tired. The amenities are old and dirty and need to be totally renovated. The roads are all sealed but are rough in places. There used to be a play ground but it has been removed. The pool is basic but seems to be clean. The sites are mainly rough grass and dirt there are some slab sites available. There is only one dump point. The only camp kitchen is not much and the BBQs are few and far between and look as though no one cares about them anymore. This park need a new owner or managers. It is such a same