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National Road Transport Campground, Alice Springs

6 km south of Alice Springs. Turn off at the cemetery onto Norris Bell Ave. You need to first register for a site regardless if you have booked and paid online, so turn left at the large sheds (the museums) and then go around the carpark and park-up past the pedestrian crossing. You cannot park a van/MH in the carpark but you can drive through it. Once booked in, head back to Norris Bell Ave, and turn left, over the disused railway crossing, then turn left onto the dirt road, before the active railway crossing. The first large open gate you come to is signed as the campground. Follow the map they give you at check-in. Last check-in is 6PM. Pets allowed, strictly on leash at all times. Do not dispose of fire ashes on the ground. Do not dispose of greywater on the ground.

Report By: Badger(192)
Date of Stay: August 2022 Rating: 2
A large, segmented (powered $25 PN and unpowered $15 PN) camping areas behind the National Road Transport Hall of Fame and Kenworth Truck Museum. Two old and basic amenity blocks in separate areas of two powered sections. Laundry in each $6 per load (up from $4 two weeks prior). Sites are laid out and clearly marked. Do NOT dump grey water, and place bagged cold fire ashes in bin (do not dump them at night at the fenceline). No concession to entry into the museums. Now the grumbles: The woman who checked us in bordered on being rude to me from the get go. I had to wait nearly 20 mins to finish the check in/site allocation (we had booked and paid online) because whenever someone came in to see the museum she gave them preferential treatment, so much so that when a man indicated I was waiting, she said to him, 'He's checking in to the campground so he can wait.' WTF? Even though him and another couple came in to enquire about the campground, she waited on them, leaving me standing there like a galoot. I bit my tongue. The staff who came around each arvo to check if everyone had paid were very friendly, and even made a van move that had driven past all the marked sites to make his own under a tree, plus berated him for having his dog off the lead. Second gripe, every medium to strong wind kicks up dust, though not as bad as Old Timers camp in Coober Pedy, but it was annoying for the 4 days we were there. The campground used to be just for Hall of Fame club members but has been opened to the public. The amenities may have suited club members but they fall short for what the traveling public expect. We would not stay here again.