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Churchills Head Rest Area, Attack Creek

19 km south of Banka Banka Station, 11 km north of Attack Creek Rest Area, 58 km north of Threeways. This rest area is actually on the Old Stuart Highway, which is signed just north of Attack Creek Rest Area and 15 km south of Banka Banka. The 15 km long Old Stuart Highway is one lane bitumen, suitable for vans and is a much more picturesque drive than the main highway. The rest area is not signed. It sits below the north-west side of the microwave repeater tower. CARE: Your GPS may want to take you up the repeater's 4WD only track to get to the rest area. ignore it and use the signed Old Stuart Highway.

Report By: Badger(192)
Date of Stay: August 2022 Rating: 1.5
A lot greener than our stay in 2019 and our photos show there are more young trees. Still just a peaceful and relaxing. We chillaxed for four nights here. No amenities. Be self-sufficient and self-contained.

Report By: Badger(192)
Date of Stay: September 2019 Rating: 1
Nothing here but peace and quiet, and gorgeous scenery of rugged red gorges. Seeing it's 400 m off the main highway, over a hill, no traffic passes. You still get dulled highway noise filtering over the hill but very little at night.