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Discovery Parks, Broome

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91 Walcott Street, 2 km S of of town centre on shores of Roebuck Bay. Ph: 08 9192 1366. Discovery and G'Day Parks member. Dogs allowed on leash

Report By: Badger(215)
Date of Stay: November 2022 Rating: 4.5
Stopped here for 3 days, stayed 18. Magnificent scenery at the waterfront site with a massive price reduction as of Nov 1. Super clean pool in lovely environment. Not shaded though. Amenities ok but they are building additional ones close to the pool area which will be ready for 2023 peak season. Had run-in with a neighbour who went troppo when I politely asked him to make sure his sprinkler was not wetting our trailer as we have the front flap open for the fridge/freezer. Third time he had done it and this time he had it on full bore. He yelled the most atrocious foul language to my wife whilst his wife stood there silently. We called management, and although we had witnesses to the entire episode (who were gobsmacked at this man's foul attitude), we were not happy with how it was dealt with - management should not be joking with someone like that (supposedly the manager was building rapport, so he said later). We've been caretakers of a few parks ourselves, and with what we said to management and what other's had witnessed, this nut case should have been evicted because of his unwarranted overly aggressive foul manner. Certainly spoilt an otherwise nice time.