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Reports by:- Travelling in the Shoebox

NSW, Pacific Palms, Pacific Palms Caravan Park - Elizabeth Beach

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 3
This is a nice area to stay as the park is opposite Elizabeth beach that is at the end of Booti Booti NP. The park is large and consists of semi-permanent vans that are used for holiday purposes and cabins. They have only 5 tourist sites. We got a nice long site that backed onto bush. The other 4 tourist sites are at the playground, basketball court and a small camp kitchen. The sites are big enough for your van, your awning to be out and then have your car beside the van. The only downside is you need to reverse into the sites and the streets are narrow, and there are no empty sites to provide room to move into while reversing. It was cheap to stay here, only $27/night for 2A powered site off season. There were lots of birds as the area has a lot of bush. The amenities are old but they are cleaned well and everything works well in them. The sites are level and the park is only 1km from a recreation club that serves meals and has great views over Myall Lakes. If you want to stay here you need to book as there are so few tourist sites.

NSW, Taree, Taree Showground

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 1
We did not enjoy staying at this showground. The amenities are old and need a good clean. There are several areas where you can camp and the area we were sent to had a low lying area that was very damp and after rain this part of the showground could be very wet as there was nowhere for the water to run off except to the low point. The ground was also a bit uneven so you needed to be careful where you parked your van. The showground is in an industrial area so there was a bit of traffic and the train line was also close-by. The showground is located behind the sports oval down a no through road - the entrance to the showground is at the end of the no through road. We planned to stay at Wingham showgrounds but they had a camp draft on so we stayed at Taree. If we are in the area again we would stay at Wingham. The cost to stay at Taree is $12/person/night for power.

NSW, Grafton, Grafton Showground

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 2
This is a large show ground close to the CBD. There are a lot of power boxes and some have water and some don't have water so check for water taps when selecting a site. The caretaker is in the house at the entrance to the show grounds. It cost $23/night for powered site but if you join up the facebook group for the showgrounds and sport grounds camping group you only pay $20/night. There is lots of grass to stay on and there was not too much road noise. One amenities block is old and dumpy and needs to be renovated. They are currently renovating another amenities at the show grounds and when this is completed there will be a nicer set of amenities to use. The cleaning of the amenities is only average. This is a good spot to stop at if staying at Grafton. There is a dump point on site and TV and phone reception was good.

NSW, Tenterfield, Tenterfield Lodge Caravan Park

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 3
This park is 1km from town and is quite as it is not on the highway. It is a Koui Park so if you are a member of this club you get 10% off. Powered sites are $31/night for 2A which we thought was well priced. It is only a small park and they fill up so it is best to book ahead if you want to stay here. The amenities are small and old but are cleaned well. There is a well stocked camp kitchen which is fully enclosed and has a heater in it but no wood was provided during our stay despite night temperatures being -6C. There is also an outdoor fir pit near the camp kitchen and on Saturday nights they make jaffles but you need to provide your own sandwiches. On Saturday afternoon they also sell scones on the deck near the office. There is a dump point and free wi-fi with the signal best in the camp kitchen and on the deck near the office. Some sites are a good size and others are a bit small and jammed in. We would stay at this park if were in Tenterfield again.

Qld, Dalby, Dalby Tourist Park

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 1.5
We thought this park is overpriced at $35/night for 2A powered site. The park has a very large bitumen area that has sites marked in white paint. Around the edge of the bitumen area there are some sites on grass that are under shade of trees. There is no shade on the bitumen area so it would be hot to stay in sites on the bitumen if the weather is hot. There was a small amenities block that had been partially renovated and was cleaned well. There is a dump point. There was a BBQ area with free black steel BBQs and table and chairs. Some of the grassy sites are close to the highway and may be noisy. There was free wi-fi but it did not work at our site and we were close to the office. We thought $30 would be a more reasonable price for powered sites as there are few facilities to justify charging $35/night. If we were in Dalby again we would choose to stay at another park.

Qld, Roma, Roma Big Rig Tourist Park

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 3
This is a small park close to town and the Big Rig tourist attraction that is worth going to. The amenities are old and need renovating but the water pressure is good and there is plenty of hot water. We booked ahead so we got a large corner site. Some sites are small with room for a van and awning and the car is parked out the front of the van. There is a camp kitchen with black steel BBQs. There was free wi-fi but we had some problems accessing the wi-fi from the caravan. Phone reception was good but there was an issue with TV so we used our satellite dish. The park manager was very pleasant.

Qld, Capella, Capella Van Park

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 3.5
This is a small park that is a short walk to the local town. The sites at this park are quite large so you are not too close to other vans. They have a camp kitchen which seemed to have a pool table in it. They have a fire pit near the camp kitchen. The night we stayed here there was a country music performer at the fire pit at 5pm. They have a few drive through sites that are long so you can stay hooked up overnight. It cost $30/night for 2A powered site. Good TV and phone reception.

NSW, Cessnock, Cessnock Showground

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 3.5
Council has undertaken some upgrades to the camping area at the showground. There is now power and water at all sites and the power is located at a normal height so it is easy to access. They have installed an open-air camp kitchen with fridge, microwave, kettle, free BBQ. There is a roof over the camp kitchen but the sides are open so it is cool to use the camp kitchen in winter. There are plans to install a new amenities block and to also bitumen the road where you camp. It is $25/night for a powered site which is cheap compared to the cost of staying at caravan parks at Cessnock.

Qld, Springsure, Springsure Showground

Date of Stay: July 2018 Rating: 3
We stayed here at the beginning of July and a campdraft was on which made the stay noisy as they had a loudspeaker operating from 2pm to 8.30pm on Saturday and then from 6.30am Sunday. If there is no activities at the showground this is a really nice place to stay as it is away from the main road and quite. There are water taps at some power poles so check out for water before you choose your site. The showers had good water pressure and lots of hot water. Apart from the campdraft there were not a lot of people staying at this place.

Qld, Mount Surprise, Bedrock Village Caravan Park

Date of Stay: June 2018 Rating: 3.5
I would give this park a higher rating but unfortunately the park is quite dusty. Some sites are a lot bigger than other sites so booking ahead may get you a bigger site. Some sites have lots of shade and are dusty as the grass cannot grow in these sites. Other sites have really nice grassy areas that were really nice to stay in. One of the amenities blocks is new but the older amenities is good and cleaned really well. There is a well equipped camp kitchen and they also serve meals 7 nights/week and have a bar and cafe on site. There is also a pool. They operate tours from this caravan park which are really worth doing. The half day train tour and full day lava tubes tours were great. Phone reception is 3G and TV reception is poor - they re-broadcast 5 analogue TV channels at the park as no digital TV is available in Mount Surprise. Dump point is in town opposite police station.