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NSW, Tweed Heads, BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park

Date of Stay: July 2016 Rating: 1
Our rating for this park reflects the site we were allocated. When we booked we were advised our site was 8m x 10m. Our site was actually 5.5m x 8m and was too small for the size of our van. Our van was alongside a garden of palms and we had to park the car alongside the van to fit it on our site. We had difficulty accessing the side boots on our van and forget about putting out the awning. The caravan park has a large billabong and has one of the best camp kitchens we have seen. At one side of the camp kitchen is a lounge area with a large TV, the other side is the kitchen with a large TV, the balcony at the end of the building has free stainless steel BBQ's with a large TV, and the front of the building is an open verandah that overlooks the billabong and has nice outdoor furniture. There are 2 pools and play areas for children. The fence for the motorway runs alongside the park and it is also on the flight path for the airport. Staying at this park was very noisy due to the road and planes. It is easy to get to this park from the motorway. At $45/night we thought the park was expensive, especially given how small our site was. It is unlikely we would stay at this park again. Most sites at the park however were large enough to accommodation a large van, awning and car.

QLD, Caboolture, Caboolture Showground

Date of Stay: July 2016 Rating: 3
This showground is more like a basic caravan park than a showground. They have set up the powered sites in a similar way to a caravan park. All sites have power and water and you are lined up along a fence. You are allocated a site. Some sites are large enough for the van, awning and car. But some sites are narrower and you need to park the car in front of the van. You can stay at this park on a 3 week in and 3 week out basis. It is $25/night for a powered site. Sites are level and we had road base on our site but the grass was trying to grow through. The amenities were in good condition. They were doing some work on a shelter while we stayed here so maybe they will install some BBQ's. You get some road and rail noise from this park.

Qld, Cania Gorge, Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat

Date of Stay: July 2016 Rating: 3.5
This is a nice park to stay at that is close to the bush walks at Cania Gorge. It costs $32/night for powered site. They are a top tourist park so you can get the discount if you are a member. The sites are quite large but there is no landscaping between the sites so you feel like you are 'one on top of another' at this park - this is my main criticism of this park. There is a large grassed area in the middle of the park for children to play. They have a swimming pool, chickens, outdoor chess and a small camp kitchen with 2 free steel BBQ's, a fridge and TV and some seating. The amenities are small and would struggle to cope if the park was full. You can have a fire and they sell fire wood. There is no phone or internet reception. They re-broadcast 3 TV channels. They have a dump point but you need to prove that you use septic friendly chemicals before they will give you a key to use it.

QLD, Gladstone, Gladstone City Caravan Park

Date of Stay: July 2016 Rating: 2
This is a small park with a lot of cabins and permanents. There are sites scattered around the park that are vacant that tourists can stay on at a cost of $35/night for power. The amenities are very run down and need renovating. Everything works OK in the amenities but they are very unsightly. The mens has a wall that needs to be patched and painted where it appears basins were removed. There are also cracked sinks and rusted sinks in both amenities. There is a small camp kitchen with a paid BBQ. There are no other facilities provided such as a swimming pool, play area, etc. We thought the price was expensive given how basic the park is. There is a railway line opposite the park but we hardly heard a train during our 3 night stay. There is a refinery nearby the park and you can hear a bit of noise from this but again it did not bother us. The park was quite so we enjoyed our stay here. Most sites have cement slabs and are level. TV and phone reception was good. Our site was close to a Telstra phone booth so we got free WIFI from this phone booth which was great as the service was quick (we could access this service as we are Telstra account holders).

QLD, Mundubbera, Mundubbera Showground

Date of Stay: July 2016 Rating: 3
This is a basic showground. You need to follow the signs to the camping area. When we stayed here there were only 2 vans so we each had a power pole with water. There are not a lot of water taps at this place so you may need to fill your tank if you cannot get a tap. The amenities are basic and the bins are quite a walk from where you park the van. The camping area was a long way from the main road so it was really quite staying here. The grounds were very dry and there was not a lot of grass as they had not had much rain. We would stay at this place if we were in the area again. It was cheap at only $19/night.

Qld, Charters Towers, Charters Towers Tourist Park

Date of Stay: June 2016 Rating: 2.5
This is your typical older caravan park in Queensland where the sites are small and narrow and you are jammed in on top of one another. At this park they have taken the art of jamming in as many sites as you can into an area as possible. The first night we were here one person was cornered into their site and could get out until some moved their car! It was quite amazing to see you tightly packed the sites were. They have a pool, camp kitchen. Lions local club does cheap 3-course meals 2 nights/week and someone does music in the camp kitchen 3 afternoons/week. The camp kitchen is open so you can get a bit wet when it rains - it has several BBQs that are free and some table and chairs. The amenities are a long walk from some sites. They are a demountable but they have been nicely renovated inside and are cleaned well. You do not get much road noise at this park. Phone and TV reception are good and there is a dump point. The new managers started working at this park in March 2016 and they do not give you good instructions about the location of power, water, etc when they put you on the site.

QLD, Malanda, Malanda Falls Caravan Park

Date of Stay: June 2016 Rating: 3.5
This is a really lovely park to stay at. It has a bush setting and one afternoon we were saw the tree kangaroos get into trees behind our van. There is a large grassy area in the middle of the park where there are chickens, pigs, goats and sheep. This is a great area for children to play. The park is alongside the Malanda falls national park, it is a very short walk to the falls. The bush turkeys and chickens roam in the caravan park. There are 3 amenity blocks. One looks like it was recently renovated and the one near our van could do with renovating. There is a small open TV area with a table tennis table and some stuff for children to play with. There is also a small open camp kitchen and a couple of free stainless BBQ's scattered throughout the park. The drainage at the park is very poor so after rain the lower areas of the park are very wet underfoot. There was very poor Telstra reception at the park. We could not get channel 9 TV reception so used our satellite dish but our site was obscured by lots of trees. There are some sites with cement slabs, if you stay here in winter and want to be in the sun then the most sunny sites are near the road. The caretakers are really lovely. We stayed here for 4 nights and would come back here again. It is $25/night for power and $150/week.

QLD, Mareeba, Kerribee Park Camping Grounds

Date of Stay: June 2016 Rating: 3
This is a very popular spot to stay as it is cheap at only $18/night for power. There are 3 large areas with power and water where you can camp. The size of the sites is quite generous but you are lined up in a row. There is no drainage at this park so if it is wet it would be very damp underfoot. There are no trees where you stay so you are in the sun the whole day. We found this place was like staying in a large paddock with a lot of other caravans. The caretakers are very efficient and put you onto your site. They have happy hour with $2 sausage sandwiches 1 night/week. There is a dump point and TV and phone reception were good. The amenities are the typical showground style and there were only 2 showers in the amenities. Water is from the channel country so it is good to filter it.

QLD, Mount Surprise, Bedrock Village Caravan Park

Date of Stay: June 2016 Rating: 4
This is one of the nicer caravan parks we have stayed at in Queensland. We had a large grassy site and there was some landscaping between the sites. The amenities we used were really nice with large showers with huge shower heads. They have a camp kitchen and also make meals. We went on their train trip tour and the day lava tour and they were fantastic. The day lava tour took you through 6 lava tubes, around the crater and also included morning tea, afternoon tea and you had lunch at the undera resort. The staff are really friendly, the caravan park is on flat ground with lots of shade. You get good phone reception and TV reception is available but we used our satellite dish as one of the free to air stations was not available. It is a short walk to town. They have a pool, dump point is in town. They are also licensed to sell liquor. They get busy during winter.

Qld, Townsville, Coral Coast Tourist Park - Garbutt

Date of Stay: June 2016 Rating: 2.5
This is an old caravan park and they have lots of sites that are on top of one another. We felt very jammed in in this park. We had 4 very close neighbors! There is a pool and camp kitchen with a free BBQ. The park is in an industrial area so the road can be noisy during the day but it quietens down at night. There is a dump point. On our last night at this park the water went off a midnight due to a burst water main and when we left at 7am the next morning the plumber still had not arrived to commence work to fix it. I'm not sure when the water came on again but by the time we left the toilets were in desperate need to flushing. No staff members were out in the park attending to anyone's needs. There appeared to be no plan in place to deal with the emergency of having no water available at the toilets. There is very poor public transport available from this park. Good phone and TV reception.