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Reports by:- skippy

SA, Peterborough, Peterborough Caravan Park

Date of Stay: June 2015 Rating: 3.5
I have to probably agree with most of 2014 comments and the park is still the same. Great toilet/shower block, level sites, sullage. I liked the town, we arrived on Saturday then on Sunday thought we would leave van in side street to have a look in shops before heading to Adelaide, but it is nearly a ghost town with only the news agency and service station open. However, I have to say good on them. Yes, I would go back.

Qld, Bundaberg, Bundaberg East Cabin And Tourist Park

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 3.5
Limited arrival parking. Booked van ensuite site and it was virtually next door to One steel who started work early with heavy banging of metal. The site itself was great with clean ensuite and concrete pad for van and annexe. You can get a lead from office for your TV - bonus. The park kitchen was ample for our needs but pretty basic. Laundry good. Lots of lawn, pretty good park, next time get a site furthermost away from One steel. Yep I would book again.

Qld, Sunshine Coast, Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park - Alexandra Headland

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 4
Van scraped on road entering & exiting park. Good parking on arrival. On backing into ensuite site it was wrong way around, I could not see concrete slab so a lot of back and forth. Ensuite small but clean. Site pretty level and not too close to others. Laundry good and it was quiet here. A quick walk to the sea or eating on the esplanade or even a walk around the lake next door. A good place to stay for quite a while. Lots of shopping and places to see. We bought the biggest prawns I have ever seen, monsters. Yes I would book again, but that scraping on the van/road, not happy. But my van is low.

NSW, Ballina, Ballina Headlands Leisure Park

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 4.5
Limited parking on arrival with great staff, daughter was learning the ropes, she could be a great asset in the future as a permanent staff member. We booked a van ensuite which was modern & clean, plenty of lawn and premises overall are fantastic. Permanents there, but very orderly. Park kitchen very clean as was pool. Very quiet. Main city only few km, good shopping. Yes, I would book again happily. The only downside for us was the noise of maintenance every day, but I suppose they were getting ready for peak season.

NSW, Corindi Beach, Corindi Beach Holiday Park

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 4.5
Booked ensuite site, it was pretty level and you could hear the waves pounding. A few metres and see the surf with steps to the beach. Ensuite was great, fantastic walks. Lawns all around. Laundry top drawer. A small town so not much going on. Great place to just relax for a few weeks. Down side, dog friendly but hardly any barking, but not many pick up poop. Go again? In a wink. Just watch where you walk.

NSW, Port Macquarie, Melaleuca Caravan Park

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 5
Very limited room on arrival, apart from this it's 5 star. Booked van ensuite, staff backed in van and helped get it off the car. Concrete pad for annexe. Pristine and I mean pristine ensuite, park kitchen and BBQ area, pool and playground together with the grounds and it was quiet even though next to a main road. Sullage to plants. Staff also 5 star. Great town plenty to see. Would I go again - take a guess. And cheaper than some parks I rated at 3.5. Well done Maleleuca.

NSW, Newcastle, Tomago Village Van Park - Tomago

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 0.5
Enough room on arrival for van. Booked an en suite it was clean. Road narrow with cars, half on/off road, full of permanents with their wood, tyres, sheet metal, cars, engines, cement mixers etc. It had been raining so on backing in, van tires sunk 150 mm into lawned area, now to get to ensuite, walk around the van in mud. You get .5 for the ensuite otherwise 0. Never again.

Qld, Kingaroy, BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park

Date of Stay: May 2015 Rating: 3
Booked in here months ago, plenty of room to park van on arrival on road. No ensuite sites and the time of year meant not too many vans either. But what did we get, we had to back in between a brick building and a wooden wall when we could have had easier sites like drive thru, duhhh!. They don't want me to come back, so I won't. I wrote on my printed booking page for my trip "No Good". We had concrete slab for annexe, but once you step off it's red mud if it's rained. I lifted everything off the ground like hoses power just in case. Pretty sad place, not for me.

NSW, Cobar, Cobar Caravan Park

Date of Stay: April 2015 Rating: 3.5
This was a one nighter, should have stayed longer, left car/van attached. Twice been there, was able to drive thru another site onto my flat concrete pad. MOST IMPORTANT - bring extra water hose and sullage hose. My water hose just reached but not the sullage. Green lawns well kept, toilet/shower block was pretty good but not for peak times. Limited parking on arrival. I would stay again.

NSW, Dubbo, Dubbo City Holiday Park

Date of Stay: April 2015 Rating: 3.5
Fantastic parking on arrival. En suite drive thru, concrete pad with small gutter from roadway. En suite clean, very good. Lawns all around. Laundry good. Kitchen under cover, bit cold in winter. So close to the city hard to find a car park in main street, go to side street. Lots to do here. Found $50.00 steep per night. Gum nuts dropping 24hrs a day on my site. Choose better site next time. Great park, will go again.