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Qld, Bowen, Tropical Beach Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2017 Rating: 3.5
We had just one night here as we headed south, but would have been happy to stay here a few nights. We paid $35 for a night, one row back from the waterfront with views of the sea between the units in front of us. A few absolute water front sites were available for $39 but our 24 foot van would have struggled to get on the sites. The small but clean swimming pool was just behind us, unfortunately, we did not get to use it. One set of amenities has recently been renovated, the other was closed while it is being renovated. The beach has been largely lost due to the last cyclone but the new BBQ area in the middle of the waterfront sites is a fantastic facility and a great place to have a beer and catch the breeze.

Qld, Innisfail, Etty Bay Caravan Park - Etty Bay

Date of Stay: October 2017 Rating: 3.5
We were fortunate to obtain site 19 for two nights at $35pn for a powered site for two adults,which was great value for the location, virtual seafront. The amenities are old but clean, we could not get TV or phone or internet in the van, - but we loved our brief stay here and would have stayed a week very happily had we not had other commitments. I doubt I would wax lyrical had it been height of the season or school holidays. I would not go here at these times. When it is quiet, it is special and well worth it.

Qld, Atherton, Tolga Caravan Park - Tolga

Date of Stay: October 2017 Rating: 3
We had 3 nights at $30pn for two adults at this park, which represented fair value. The amenities are clean and good. About two thirds of the park is taken up by permanents and about a third remains for tourists. The large number of permanents did not present any issues for us. Only a couple of tourists were there with us. This park is fine for a few nights stay. A large number of fruit bats reside in the adjacent tolga forest and the nearby nut shack has good fruit and veg and fantastic ice cream cones. We attended the scarecrow festival on the oval next door, a very traditional country show ambience, nice.

Qld, Clairview, Barracrab Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2017 Rating: 4
I have given a 4 for the absolute beachfront unpowered site that we had for $25 for one night. The amenities were okay, but we used our onboard shower and had plenty of our own drinking water, so it was all about the beautiful view and cool breeze. Had we stayed a few more nights (and we wished we could have), we would have tried the bar as the food and drinks were quiet reasonable in price. The powered sites are a bit squishy for our liking. Some train and truck noise reached us, but not enough to concern us. We arrived on high tide and it was spectacular, the low tide is not so great to look at but provides a good contrast.

Qld, Atherton, Atherton Holiday Park - Atherton

Date of Stay: September 2017 Rating: 3
We had a few days here before doing a cruise out of Cairns, we left the van here for 10 nights on power ($15/pn) then had two nights on return. There are a few permanents in the park but they seemed to mainly keep to themselves. The going rate for a powered site is $35 for two adults and it is fair. The park has a small pool near reception, we did not get the chance to use it. The amenities appear to have been refurbished recently and it was good to see a hand dryer that actually works. The park is on the market. Only a couple of other tourist vans stayed there with us. The park would benefit from new dynamic management but is quite okay to stay for a few days as we did.

Qld, Bedourie, Bedourie Council Caravan Park

Date of Stay: September 2017 Rating: 3
I would largely endorse the previous report except to say that the amenities have improved. What I would highlight is that $30 p.n. powered for 2 adults is a hefty rise over the previous 2014 report price of $8, so not good value now. Unfortunately the park does not have a caretaker and relies on people paying at the visitor centre, which was closed on the Birdsville races weekend. A number of guests left Sunday and could not pay as there is no secure shute or other facility for payment at the visitor centre when it is closed and the contact phone number provided was not connected. We had two nights there after free camping at Birdsville and caught up on washing etc and paid at the visitor centre on Monday morning. The pub just across the road is handy for a drink and friendly staff but not much else. The location of this park is a bit nicer than the one opposite the roadhouse.

SA, Angorichina, Angorichina Tourist Village

Date of Stay: August 2017 Rating: 3
I agree with the assessment of the previous report. We paid $32 a night for two adults for a powered site. The views are great but it is a bit exposed when the winds are strong.

Qld, Birdsville, Birdsville Caravan Park

Date of Stay: August 2017 Rating: 3.5
We checked into the park for four nights from Thursday to Monday just before the Birdsville races before moving down to the common to free camp until the races, we paid $40 p.n. powered and noted that it went to $50 from Monday race week. I agree with Kutterbull's previous report but would add that while we were there they opened up new additional amenities, a number of individual ensuite style units contained in one raised block, with additional laundry facilities. A new camp kitchen was just about ready to open when we departed. It is unclear whether the new facilities will remain open outside of the peak periods during the races and the big red bash. We were glad that we left on the Monday as on Sunday we were surrounded by vans and the sullage on the ground started to become a bit of an issue as the ground was not able to readily absorb it. Some neighbors did not help with the placement of their hoses. Outside of the peak periods this would not be an issue. Otherwise, the park is fine for this part of the world, albeit a tad expensive.

SA, Marree, Oasis Town Centre Caravan Park

Date of Stay: August 2017 Rating: 3
Stopped here on way to Birdsville races, this park contains about the last green grass you will find until you hit Boulia cp as you travel north. At $25 p.n powered it is fine despite being a bit rustic. No phone or internet reception, but we had ABC TV. Water supply is bore water and sullage is to the ground. There are old amenities and also newer ensuite style amenities. Staff are very welcoming and the 2 course meal round the campfire for $10 is great. We ended out extending to a third night because of stormy weather coming through. Marree is an interesting and friendly little town and well worth the stop.

SA, Leigh Creek, Leigh Creek Caravan Park

Date of Stay: August 2017 Rating: 3.5
The park is good value, we paid $25 a night and extended our stay to a week. The amenities are portable buildings, they are clean and well looked after. The park has a dump point and camp kitchen. The park is operated by the Leigh creek progress association and did not have an on site manager. If office is not attended when you arrive you choose your own site. Payment for stay is cash only, payable either at Foodland or to the progress association rep who attends office daily during late afternoon. Note that at time of our stay the Foodland closed 12.30 Saturday, and closed all day Sunday.