People often send me comments in emails or in reports, and I post them here. I feel that the 'congratulatory' comments about the site are equally deserving of the people who take the time to send reports, either one report or over a hundred. These comments are for every one of you who have sent reports since 1998:

Thanks for running this service. Great idea. (Jan 2016)

Very useful site and much appreciated (Dec 2015)

Been using (this website) for ages (Dec 2015)

I've been using your site for reference for many years. (Nov 2015)

Always use this site when planning family road trips (Oct 2015)

Credit where credit is due (Sept 2015)

Useful facility when planning a holiday (Sept 2015)

A great site, we never stay anywhere without checking here! (Sept 2015)

Have used this site for a while, really appreciate it, thank you. (August 2015)

Thanks for providing this needed service. (August 2015)

Have used this site extensively when choosing caravan parks, found very helpful. (August 2015)

Found this site a few months ago,and it has been very useful. Now it's time I gave something back. (June 2015)

This site is a fabulous resource to "caravanners". Thanks for all your work. :-) (June 2015)

Have used this site extensively to select van parks. A great tool. (June 2015)

Use your reviews all the time. (June 2015)

Great site, information was invaluable when planning out trip. (May 2015)

Look forward to enjoying this link thank you. (May 2015)

Like the concept and site very much. (May 2015)

Have always used this site for advice. I have submitted reports before but some years ago. (April 2015)

And thanks (again) for having such a fantastic resource – your wife might think you’re nuts but we certainly appreciate your hard work. I always check out where we are thinking of staying on your site before booking! (April 2015)

Great info, We use it a lot. (April 2015)

we have found the excellent and will be using it to check out parks as we travel :) (Mar 2015)

Like the site. Very informative. (Mar 2015)

Absolutely brilliant site. (Mar 2015)

Have found this site very useful as we are just starting out travelling and the reviews go a long way to assist in where to go/avoid. (Mar 2015)

I've used the service for a couple of years and find it invaluable. (Mar 2015)

Great site this is our first time and would like to put a report on Van park. (Jan 2015)

Grey Nomads pointed me here - been a godsend! (Nov 2014)

Think site is great. (Nov 2014)

Interesting to find a "non-corporate" review site. (Nov 2014)

Great work, use all the time. (Oct 2014)

I have really appreciated this site so think we should contribute to help others. (Oct 2014)

Have been on WikiCamps and just found your great site! (Oct 2014)

Hi we have been on the road for just over 9 years and have used your site for park reviews a number of times and thought it was time we submitted some reports. (Oct 2014)

I think it is a great site and the reports are in the main quite accurate. (Oct 2014)

Hi we have been on the road for just over 9 years and have used your site for park reviews a number of times and thought it was time we submitted some reports. (Sept 2014)

We have found your site very useful. Started using it on our second van trip after a couple of dud parks on our first trip in 2013. (Sept 2014)

Great site thank you. (Sept 2014)

Great job you are doing. (Sept 2014)

This is a wonderful service. (Sept 2014)

Love the site and refer to it all the time, decided we should contribute to help other caravanners. (Sept 2014)

Good site. (Sept 2014)

Thanks for that, it's a pleasure.  We have just finished our trip and find your site tremendous value. (August 2014 - from a contributor whom I thanked after their 100th report)

We want to be able to report on our experiences in the parks we visit . We select parks based on your readers assessments. (August 2014)

Good idea. (August 2014)

Great and useful site. (August 2014)

Using your site for years find it invaluable and about time I made a contribution. (August 2014)

Great work. (August 2014)

Thank you for the site I think it is fantastic. My wife and I did the Big Trip about four years ago and I am so glad I came across your site in the process. (July 2014)

Thank you for your website. We have used it many times in the planning of our trip.Very useful site. (July 2014)

Been reading the reports for years, time to submit my own, thanks for a great site. (July 2014)

I have loved reading up on reports and found them to be very helpful. If possible, my reports will help other travellers. (July 2014)

Keep up your fantastic work – where would we be without your fantastic site. (July 2014)

Keep up the fantastic service you are providing, it is very much appreciated. (July 2014)

We are happy travellers - both weekends away, short trips and longer annual trips and I was discussing reviews with the Park Manager at Myrtleford and he suggested this site to us. (June 2014)

So glad you are up and running again. Absolutely wonderful information provided and so helpful for us travellers. (June 2014)

Some good stuff on here, just need to get yourself more widely known. (June 2014)

My wife and I refer to your web site often to get reports for our travels we find it very useful so much so we would like to contribute. (June 2014)

Thank you for your good work. (June 2014)

We have found Badgers very useful and would like to contribute. (May 2014)

Great site, very pleased we found it. (May 2014)

We really appreciate your forum and have used it on all our trips in the last 3 years. (May 2014)

The caravan park reports that I have read are very helpful when planning a tour. (May 2014)

Great site and service. New to the road and will contribute. (May 2014)

Very helpful site - thank you. (May 2014)

Been using for awhile and forget how I found it. (May 2014)

It's a great site & very helpful to us. (May 2014)

Love your website very informative keep it up congrats! (May 2014)

Great website, I use it all the time. Thank you. (May 2014)

Love your site have used fort a while felt like contributing. (April 2014)

We are seasoned travellers and have been meaning to do a report for ages. Love the site. (April 2014)

Very good site for finding out where to stay. (April 2014)

A very good resource. Time to give back. (April 2014)

Recently retired, have used this site many times and find it useful, thank you. (April 2014)

Thanks Badger for your email.  We have not been so active in the touring stakes lately but will be back on the case soon hopefully.  Keep up the good work - it is much appreciated by many. (March 2014)

Your site was suggested to members of the Delica Club. (March 2014)

Love this site . It is great to read about parks before you go. (March 2014)

This site is very handy and we use it a lot. (March 2014)

Have been using the website for some time and would like to contribute. (March 2014)

I love your site and thought I should contribute to it. (March 2014)

Badger, you are a marvel. Your reports have taken us to the best caravan parks all around the country and for that we truly thank you. (March 2014)

I continue to be in admiration of your efforts to provide us all with honest evaluation of caravan parks.  Well done! (March 2014)

Thanks, I love your site and found it easy to see the same towns different parks. (March 2014)

We always refer to your website for advice and noticed that you have updated the format, which is great.  Many thanks for a wonderful resource. (March 2014)

Just wanted to say that the new website is brilliant. It's also great to know that the new way of reporting will make your life a lot easier. Congratulations on a great service to travellers. (March 2014)

Thank you Gary, Badger was our bible when traveling. You have been a great service to the tourist industry and all the grey nomads on the road. Jenny and I wish you well in the future. (March 2014)

Your hard work is very much appreciated by me and my fellow caravanners.  We never leave home without reading the reviews. (March 2014)

Thanks for your hard work; the site is off great benefit to us travellers. (March 2014)

I do appreciate all the effort you put in to provide such a great free service. I don't know what we would have done without it over the years - it has been God-send and helped us avoid any nasty surprises. (March 2014)

Gerard, many thanks for your email, it is greatly appreciated....since discovering Badgers we will never consider stopping in a caravan park until we peruse the website. (March 2014)

Thanks for the update Gerard, we would be lost without this website. I have had a look at the site and I think all concerned should be congratulated as it flows really well. We are off on another trip in May and will be both seeking information, and supplying more reviews.Thanks again for all the effort you put into this site, I am sure a lot of people appreciate it. (March 2014)

I just wanted to say that your new web site is terrific -- well done. (March 2014)

Just had a look at the new site, Badger.  Very impressive !  Thank you for all your hard work in developing and maintaining it – I really appreciate it (we don’t stay in any van park now unless I check out the reviews on your site). (March 2014)

Thanks for letting me know about the new site, I have bookmarked it. It looks great and is much easier to use. Wishing you all the best, and just want to say that your site was SO helpful when we were on the road! (March 2014)

Had a look today (looking up parks as usual) and most impressed (with new website).  Well done. (March 2014)

Am happy with the format (of the new website).  It was a lot of work that you put in to set it all up, and all voluntary.  Many thanks. Because of you we can read people's impressions of caravan parks and enjoy the better ones. (March 2014)

Thanks for the information and update of the new website, it has gone into a number of my favourite sites.  Whenever I meet  fellow caravanners I invariably tell them about this website. I cannot help myself.  Thanks again for maintaining this fantastic website, it really is the only caravan park report site that is detailed and unbiased, and gives you confidence of what you can expect at that forthcoming caravan park, whether it be good or bad, having been fully informed it is then your choice to stay or give it a miss. (March 2014)

Thanks for your very prompt reply and also for your excellent caravan reports site. (March 2014)

Thanks for that (new site announcement email) Gerard.  Also thank you for all that you do on your site.  It is one site that I would imagine every caravanner who has a computer has bookmarked. You should be very proud of what you have achieved. (March 2014)

I would just like to congratulate you on your efforts with the website (old one, haven’t tried the new yet). Having been a user for a year or two now, I have recommended it to a number of friends who have recently started caravanning. It certainly makes it easy when planning trips. Having been in IT for over 40 years, I really appreciate the work that you have done. Keep it going. All the best. (March 2014)

We find your site very useful and hope to contribute again. Keep up the good work. (March 2014)

Great to see the site is still going strong - we mention it to any Kiwis we know who are going over to Oz.  Cheers and keep up the good work.  (March 2014)

I have just submitted a report and all worked very well.  Love the new format and home page. Top job. (March 2014)

The new site in my opinion is great,mind you I had better add there was nothing wrong with the old site either (suck suck). The thing that would be good is less work for you hopefully.  Good luck to you and Gary for the future. (March 2014)

You will deserve a medal when you have finished (upgrading to new site).   Thanks for the great work you do.   The world would stop without volunteers!  (Beta tester, Feb 2014)

Keep up the good work. I don’t know what we would do without you.  I tell everyone I know about your site. (Beta tester, Feb 2014)

Great work and looking forward to the new site! (Beta tester, Feb 2014)

I use this (website) all the time now. (Feb 2014)

Love love love this site, I check it every time I go away because the reviews are done by real travellers who have no ulterior motive other than to be honest for other travellers. (Feb 2014)

I like your site very informative. (Jan 2014)

Love the format of the reports, we find them very useful. (Jan 2014)

You're doing a great job. (Jan 2014)

Great website!! (Jan 2014)

I consider your site to be a valuable resource, the reports are accurate when compared to the glossy magazine so called reviews. (Jan 2014)

Love your site and have recommended it to a lot of fellow travellers. (Jan 2014)

G'day Badger. The more we travel, the more use this site. I believe it is invaluable and you need to be congratulated for putting in the effort. I also mention to anyone I can. Thanks. (Oct 2013)

Hi. We have just finished a 9 week trip and found your website very useful. I intend to make reports on all the places we stayed over the next few weeks to keep this site going. Great stuff! (Oct 2013)

Great and very helpful web site - I use it extensively - thanks. (Oct 2013)

We use your site for every caravan park we stay in and starting now we will be in lots more as we have both just taken early retirement Thanks. (Sept 2013)

Your website is fantastic, one of the better websites. (Sept 2013)

Great site. Very useful. (Sept 2013)

I use your site for comments to back up my research. (Sept 2013)

Good for research and up to date comments. (Sept 2013)

Well done maintaining the ACPR system. I use it regularly when we go away, and other travellers I have spoken to at parks also refer to your reports. (Sept 2013)

We use your site as a guide when travelling, info from the horses mouth as they say! (Sept 2013)

I use this site frequently and had no idea until today that you run it voluntarily. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into it. (August 2013)

Great, informative website. (August 2013)

Great service. (August 2013)

Great job being done here. (August 2013)

Great site; very helpful. (August 2013)

Hi great to read other caravaners comments! (August 2013)

Thanks Gerard, I know you must spend an enormous amount of time on this project! I hope you know how much we all appreciate your efforts! Thank goodness for people like you. (July 2013)

We always consult this site before booking in to a park. (July 2013)

Good site and have used it a lot. (July 2013)

I have found the reports to be quite valuable in selecting a park. We have ben on the road now for 8 weeks. We travel with 2 labradors, and seek parks that provide basic and clean amenities, hopefully with a bit of space to walk the dogs . In general terms, we have found that council parks are fairly good and clean, however, we have observed that generally towns that are scruffy ususally have scruffy parks. (July 2013)

This site is very informative. (July 2013)

This is a great site - very helpful assistance in selecting where to stay. Keep up the good work. (July 2013)

Excellent site and very helpful - keep up the good work. (July 2013)

Use this site all the time when planning trips. (June 2013)

Very good little web site. We used this to give us a little insight to the places that we were looking at booking / staying on our recent trip up to North Queensland. (June 2013)

This database is a fantastic resource. Keep it up. (June 2013)

We are new to caravaning (just retired) so are very grateful for the information about the parks. Thank you for providing the web page and its maintenance. (June 2013)

Thought I should add some info given I am using your site to plan trips. (June 2013)

Thank you I have used this site many times and have told manelsy others about it. I thought I better start putting in experiences of my travels. (June 2013)

Excellent website with well balanced comments - good work!! (June 2013)

Great idea, need lots of patience. (June 2013)

Good site that I have used for a number of years. (June 2013)

We use this site all the time. Thanks for your good work. (May 2013)

I will use this site frequently now. (May 2013)

My first report, but I use the site all the time. (May 2013)

Love this site, have used it many times to pick a park to stay while travelling. (May 2013)

Great site, so handy to use when checking out sites - thanks for setting it up. (May 2013)

I have found your site very useful and as a regular traveller around Oz I thought I should send in reports like others do to help all of us. (May 2013)

Use this site every time we travel to get reports on parks. (April 2013)

Love your site, use it all the time. (April 2013)

We love your website as it has so much info on most parks we stay at. Keep up the good work. :) (April 2013)

Fantastic Site, Very helpful when on the road. (April 2013)

Great Site - Use it a lot to check out where we ar going and what is avaialble. (April 2013)

Great site, useful when we are researching places to stay. (April 2013)

Thank you for prividing this site. We heard about it back in Inverall but this is the first time we have accessed it. It is a great resource and we will use now as we travel. (April 2013)

Used Badgers before and always for checking parks. (April 2013)

Great site, invaluable when travelling, thank you. (April 2013)

Great site use all the time, thanks. (April 2013)

This (site) has been very helpful. (April 2013)

Thankyou for the site, use it a lot. (March 2013)

I have found your site tremendously helpful. Thanks for this service. (February 2013)

Great site use all the time. Thanks. (February 2013)

I find your site very helpful and use it all the time. (February 2013)

The best site for finding pet friendly caravan parks. (February 2013)

New contributor and will use it as reference more in the future. (January 2013)

This is a great idea - thanks for doing it. (January 2013)

Love your site, a lot of work has been put in to it. I for one appreciate the work you have done. We use your site a lot but this is my first report as I could not find this place mentioned. (January 2013)

Our family of two adults and two teens have used your site for the past three weeks whilst travelling through five states. Thank you. It has become my decision tree. (January 2013)

First time camping (hi-ace van) in Oz. Most impressed with this site - had to send in a review. (January 2013)

Your website has been helpful in helping me find caravan parks over the last couple of years. I thought it was about time I also shared. (January 2013)

Very helpful site - hence I decided that we should contribute. (December 2012)

Keep up the good work. I'm travellimg Oz with the family and find the reports quite accurate. (December 2012)

Love this site - it's so useful in deciding which park to use. Great work and a big thank you from us. (December 2012)

May you and your family have a safe Xmas and keep up your great work in the New Year. It (the website) makes travelling a lot easier. (December 2012)

Great site and really helpful in deciding which parks to use. (November 2012)

Thank you very much, Gerard. Our industry always appreciates advocates! (November 2012, caravan park operator)

Very helpful site when choosing a park to stay, so I thought I would send a couple of my own reviews. (November 2012)

We never book any caravan park without checking this site. Thanks for setting up such a valuable travellers tool! (November 2012)

Keep up the good work. (November 2012)

Found this site helpful during our last trip up north. (October 2012)

Appreciated Gerard. I hope they are good reviews. If not - at least we can see what we still need to correct. (October 2012, caravan park operator, commenting about reviews on their park)

Just wanted to thank you so much for running this site. You've done a mammoth job recently uploading all the latest reports. We LOVE reading the latest reports and plan our trips according to the reviews. Sometimes there isn't a review and we feel very nervous about staying in a park if there isn't a review on your site. Hope you are in good health!! (October 2012)

Wish I'd got onto your site sooner. Well done. (October 2012)

Great to be able to log onto your site and read a report regarding a park or free camp before committing to stay there. (October 2012)

Good site, very useful. (October 2012)

Great site and extremely useful (October 2012)

You are doing a great job - please keep it up :-) (October 2012)

We use your site regularly and have found it very helpful. (September 2012)

Have used your site a number of times and think its great. (September 2012)

Keep up the great work, it must take time but we all appreciate it more than you know. (September 2012)

Some more (reports submitted) to keep you occupied. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it. (September 2012)

You are doing a great job, keep up the good work. (September 2012)

I have contributed twice before- its my "bible" and I highly recommend to fellow travellers. (September 2012)

Very helpful site, I have used it often. Thanks! (September 2012)

Wanted to report on good van park and they (the park) told me about badger and my brother in law also sent me the link. (September 2012)

Great site very helpful. (September 2012)

We use your site regularly and have found it very helpful. (September 2012)

Thank you for a great resource - I use it all the time while we are travelling this wonderful country. (September 2012)

I use your forum to check comments on parks before we travel to an area. (September 2012)

Found this site very helpful, but not every one has the same ideas on what they require. (August 2012)

Still a bloody great site mate. (August 2012)

Thank you for a great site, I have referred to it to find every park we have stayed in, in this our first trip. (August 2012)

We have been travelling for 4 months and have really enjoyed looking on your site for info about caravan parks before we decide where to book to stay. We thought we would send you our coments of the parks we have stayed at. (August 2012)

Very helpful site, pity more people don't [update] it as many reports old. (July 2012)

Only been in the country a short time and ths site very helpful. (July 2012)

This is SUCH good information....thank you. (July 2012)

A great reference site for all of us campers. (July 2012)

Great site. Keep up the good work. Well done. (July 2012)

This is very helpful when selecting a park. (July 2012)

Fantastic site, truthful and honest reviews. (July 2012)

Great site and very helpful. (July 2012)

I'd like to thank you for your excellent site - my husband and I are currently travelling here and there, and we find your site excellent not only for information relating to caravan parks, but also for finding road houses in outback regions. (June 2012)

Great site & resourse. Keep up the great work :-) (June 2012)

A very worthwhile service provided to the travelling public. (June 2012)

You are doing a great job! (May 2012)

(The website has) been very useful. (May 2012)

We're back on the track again - you continue to provide a great service. (May 2012)

I have used your site many times to check things out now we are on our first big trip I would like to contribute for the benefit of others like us. (May 2012)

Thanks you very much for getting back to me Gerard - I appreciate your promptness. (May 2012)

Love your work Badger, Thankyou. I am very grateful for this website and use it exclusively for travel nowadays. (May 2012)

We have been travelling around Australia for 18 months and have found Badger invaluable wihen choosing caravan parks. Thank you. (May 2012)

Been using the site for years, but do not stay often in CPs except in cities or for security. And I always recommend your website. (May 2012)

Thank you so much for your Caravan Park assessments. We rely on the unbiased reports produced by caravanners. (May 2012)

We use this site constantly. Thank you. (May 2012)

Have told 4 people about badger since being here (in this park) and all have written it down to check. Keep up the good work. (May 2012)

Thanks for all your work. (May 2012)

Love you infomrative site. (May 2012)

Very useful site. (May 2012)

We find this a valuable asst for planning our trips. (April 2012)

We have been on the road for three years and always check this site before booking a caravan park. (April 2012)

Word of a friend is a great way to get the best deal. (April 2012)

Thank you for this service. If we hadn't seen the previous report on Grass Patch we wouldn't have looked. Cheers. (April 2012)

Great site. Have given the site to man friends who also found it very helpfull. (April 2012)

This is an extremely helpful site in choosing a park that takes us with a couple of small dogs. (April 2012)

We're off to Uluru now! Thanks again for this handy website. Will send more info as we travel around Oz! (April 2012)

Great site - glad I found it. (April 2012)

Very handy site. (April 2012)

Great site. (April 2012)

Your site is great, we always tell people. It is a great way to research their holliday parks. Personally I think it's more helpful than the AAA site. (Park Owner April 2012)

Keep up the good work, we have recommended your site to quite a few people. (April 2012)

We use this site constantly. It's our guide to where to stay. Thank you. (April 2012)

Great website, like to hear from people that have stayed there. (March 2012)

You have a great site. (March 2012)

I think it is (the website) a great idea, thanks. (March 2012)

Great site! Thanks, it's been so helpful in planning our trip around OZ - will send feedback about other parks as we travel. (March 2012)

Best wishes, your website is so good and so helpful. (March 2012)

Just keep working and paying those taxes, so us old people can live in a manner to which we have become very nicely accustomed. Ran into our friends Fran & Trevor "Shakazulu" in Esperence. Was quite excited to see the van come in with their names emblazoned across the back. We had followed their reports faithfully for years. (Regular contributor, March 2012)

We are on our way around Australia at the moment and have used your site at nearly every stop, (around 70 so far), since I was told about your site in Alice Springs. I thought that it would not hurt to have some input. Good job on the site mate as it gives you a rough guide on pricing, contains contact details and location and conditions of parks and we feel it is invaluable but more importantly found to be quite accurate. Keep up the good work and thanks again Gerard. (March 2012)

Keep up the good work mate - much appreciated :-) (February 2012)

Keep up the good work. (February 2012)

Hope to use this on a regular basis as we are long term caravanners. (March 2012)

Awesome website...came in very handy. (March 2012)

A wonderful reference service. Great work. (February 2012)

My husband and I have been managing a caravan park in south east Queensland for the past 15 years (it was a private lease). We have e also been caravaning and camping for many years as well. We have recently retired and are now travelling around this beautiful country. I would like to submit reports along our way, as I have used this site myself in helping us decide where to stay. Thank you for your work on this site it is very, very helpful. (February 2012)

Thank you for your site. We have been travelling for nearly 2 years now (working as we go) and have found the advice given easy to follow and very helpful. (February 2012)

Terrific website, thanks. (February 2012)

This is a great site and always used by us. (February 2012)

We're reasonably new to caravanning & have used this site to check out where we might stay. (February 2012)

Just found your website. Terrific stuff thanks. (February 2012)

Thanks for a great site, I find it very helpful. (February 2012)

Great site and very helpful. (January 2012)

Love your site, have used it many times in our journey and thought about time we contributed. (January 2012)

Brilliant web site by the way, one which we have used a great deal since we took up camping in September '11. (January 2012)

Your site has been very helpful for us to choose where to stay. (January 2012)

Love your website - it's very helpful and I use it regularly. (January 2012)

Thank you for manitaining this site, I will encourage others to contribute. (January 2012)

I have always wanted to contribute but am slack...been using your site for 3 years, its very useful. (January 2012)

I've only recently found your web site and I have to say it's a gold mine of information. Very well done. (January 2012)

We now live on the road in our caravan. Having found your site from a fellow caravanner, we will be regular users. (January 2012)

Thanks mate for all the efforts you put into the site. It is very much appreciated by all of us. (December 2011)

I have continued to use your site and it is just so handy and very accurate. (Regular contributor, December 2011)

Great site real helpful. (December 2011)

Site is great and a wealth of information so I thought I should start contributing. (December 2011)

We find your web site invaluable and have consulted it for all our trips. We thought it was about time that you were thanked and encouraged to keep up the stirling work you do. (December 2011)

We have been caravaning for 32 years and have been using Badger as a guide as we are now on a pension and travelling on limited income and enjoy staying in smaller towns which normally have low cost parks. (December 2011)

Very High Recommendation for this site. (December 2011)

Great site. (December 2011)

Very helpful website - thank you. (November 2011)

Sound like a great site. We're intending to travel and would like to know in advance if a park is as good as its website says. (November 2011)

Love this site you have made...Thankyou. (November 2011)

A valuable site. Keep up the good work. (November 2011)

Thanks so much for this site. We love it and use it everywhere we go now. There's no better way to find out about a park. (November 2011)

What a great resource! Thanks :) (November 2011)

Use the site regularly to get someone else's perspective, both before & after a stay. (November 2011)

We are recently retired and plan to do a lot of travel. Your site is a great reference point for us and we would like to contribute so others can access the same benefits we have. (November 2011)

We have just started our unlimited time journey around Australia and love your website, so have decided we will continually contribute to your website. (October 2011)

Badger, thanks for maintaining this great website. We have been following the info for about 6 years, now retired and travelling we are able to provide you with some park reports. We have just been across to W.A. and virtually used the reports to stay in each of the parks. We found the reports to be very accurate and great value. We told a lot of fellow travellers about this site, and only one couple we came across had knowledge of the site and was a regular contributor. It is now time for us to give something back, this will be the first of a number of reports, we hope we do the site justice. (October 2011)

Top site, keep up the good work. I use this site to get a feel for where we might stay. Interesting comment from you about not accepting just a bagging. Good on you. (October 2011)

This is my last report for some time as our journey is over for this year. It has been good working with you. (Regular contributer, October 2011)

Great site. The manager/owners of parks often don't know about it and are keen to be given the link. (October 2011)

Love this site for reference and helping people find quality parks. (October 2011)

Excellent resource that has helped us dodge a few bullets with bad parks, and discover some diamonds. (October 2011)

Checked your reviews many times on the last trip and found them very useful. (October 2011)

Love the site and have used many times for my family. Thought it was time to contribute and help others. (October 2011)

Really helpful site. (September 2011)

It's interesting hearing different views. (September 2011)

Your site gives a lot of info and makes the decision of where to stay easier. (September 2011)

We are travelling full time and consult your site often. (September 2011)

Great site...good work! (September 2011)

Our 3 month trip has started, so I'll try to submit reports from each place we stay at along the way. (September 2011)

Well done Badger we use your reports when travelling if we can. (September 2011)

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. (September 2011)

Once again, thanks very much for your website. We have been doing a lot of caravanning this year and, as always, never stay anywhere without first checking the reports on your site. Thanks for the effort and resources you put into the site. It is greatly valued! (September 2011)

I have to look up to you for providing such a useful site. Keep up the GREAT work. (September 2011)

Thanks for a great site, it is the way we choose where we stay around Australia. (August 2011)

Can we also point out that during a recent 9 week caravan trip through NSW we used the Badger's website regularly, we find it to be very useful in deciding where, or where not, to stay. On a number of occasions we advised caravan park proprietors as well as other travellers of the existence of the Badger's Australian Caravan Park Reports website. Keep up the good work. (August 2011)

Have sent in and used reports extensively and thank you for your efforts and would love to help you if you need any assistance. I have IT experience. You provide a wonderful service at your own expense! Congratulations. (August 2011)

Congrats on a great service - keep up the good work and we will continue to supply reports. (August 2011)

We are heading off on a 3 month trip next month and hope to submit some reports to your site. Your reports have been very useful in helping us choose where to stay. Thanks. (August 2011)

Great website thanks. (August 2011)

We are first time contributors although we have been on the road for 2 years. (August 2011)

Have referenced the reports for years and find them very helpful. (August 2011)

Park owners are becoming very aware of this site. Good work Badger. (August 2011)

This is a useful site to us. (August 2011)

Very helpful site. (August 2011)

Fantastic site. Good info. (August 2011)

Thanks for keeping the site going. (July 2011)

Thanks for providing this wonderful website! It's really helpful and informative for we travelers! (July 2011)

Thank you for the effort you put into keeping this site up to date. We've found it very useful in our travels. (July 2011)

excellent and helpful (July 2011)

Anyhow, thanks for keeping the site going. (July 2011)

Great job! I haven't seen this site before but will use it for looking for places to stay in the future. (July 2011)

I appreciate greatly what you do for caravanners!! (July 2011)

Thank you for this web site - it is most helpful. (July 2011)

Great site by the way - always use it. (July 2011)

Great website very useful. (July 2011)

I have used your site a few times now learning about CPs. Very happy to contribute. (July 2011)

Really useful site info is very good. (July 2011)

Thanks for your great work! (July 2011)

Thanks for a great site. (July 2011)

This is a great site. We are new to caravanning so I can't really compare sites yet. I'm grateful for the opinions of others. Thanks. (July 2011)

Thank you for your work in providing this website. I discovered it few months ago when planning 2nd trip north from Vic and found it most helpful. (July 2011)

Great site and use it all the time to research caravan parks. (July 2011)

Love the site; find the reports helpful. (July 2011)

We were at the SA/NT border rest area taking the standard photos as you do. Our name, [van name deleted], is on the back of the van and these people came up to us and said if this us and we nodded. They got excited because she reads our reports all the time and loves them. They love Badger and use it all the time. Well they had to get a photo of us against the van with her in it. (Regular Contributor, July 2011)

Shirley and I have done a fair bit of traveling around this great country, but have only recently heard about this web site. It is a great tool. (June 2011)

We have been using your site for a couple of years now and find it very usefull, so have decided to start sending reports when we can get away for short stays as we have not retired as yet. (June 2011)

Great website. Appreciated by many travellers. I have told many travellers of this site. (June 2011)

A valuable source of info on parks before we use them. (June 2011)

love this site, very informative. (June 2011)

We took a wee rest from the road but have got back into it for a final fling and look forward to using Badgers. Keep up the good work, and we will continue to tell everyone we meet about how great the site is. It is interesting to note that when we took off in June 2007, our first stop was at Mt Gambier and one of the first things we were told was how great this site was, so you have been with us all the way, 100,000 klms and still going. (June 2011)

I have been using this webpage to research our trip to Qld - very good info from real people - Thank you. (June 2011)

I am in awe of your dedication to this task - I won't ask you how long you have been doing it!! But it is a great service for caravanners and much appreciated. Thanks again. (June 2011)

Thank you and keep up the good work. (June 2011)

I must admit that we first planned our first three week caravan journey, we choose our caravan parks carefully after reading your reports. That gave us a good idea whether or not we should or should not stay at a particular location. So I'm mindful of trying to be as fair as possible (in my reports). Keep up the good work. (June 2011)

Many thanks for an exceptional service. I will contribute more reviews in the future. (May 2011)

We are full time travellers and decided as your site is helpfull to us we should repay with reports from us. (May 2011)

I have just discovered this web site and am loving it already. (May 2011)

A great site, have made great use of it! (May 2011)

I found the site by accident but been using it; reports are excellent - thanks for the time & effort to let us have its use! (May 2011)

Thanks for putting up my first report so quickly. I was most amazed at the speed with which you work. Thanks for all that you do for our caravanning community, it is really appreciated. (May 2011)

Many thanks for your efforts in maintaining the Reports website. I very much appreciate the information the site gives and always refer to it when selecting caravan parks, as I find the reports to be the most reliable guide available on the suitability of parks. (May 2011)

Great site - very usefull. (May 2011)

Your site is excellent, a great resource. (May 2011)

Love your work. (May 2011)

Appreciate what you are doing, many thanks. (May 2011)

I find your reports so helfull, I am a single traveller and rely completely on what your reports say as to where I stay. Thankyou. (May 2011)

Thank you for your work on this site. This site has helped us so much as we travel around. (May 2011)

I have attached a batch of reports from our latest trip. Keep up the great work. (May 2011)

We have not long been using this site but we have already benefited from the posted information. (May 2011)

I have recommended your site to many people and mentioned it to several caravan parks. Thanks again for all your work. (May 2011)

I like your site - very helpful. (May 2011)

Keep up the good work. I try and pass your very welcome comments on to other travellers. It's amazing just how many semi-permanent travellers there are out here! (April 2011)

Thanks for providing a great service, absolutely indespensable when planning a trip. (April 2011)

Thankyou for a great site we have used it many times to review a park before booking there, I thought it was about time I sent in a review also. (April 2011)

Thanks for providing the site, its our primary resource to help us choose a park. (April 2011)

This (website) is proving to be of considerable assistance to us. Thank you. (April 2011)

Thank you for the work you put into this it is much appreciated. (April 2011)

Very helpful in planning our holiday. (April 2011)

Great idea and site - I've used it before and has been helpful - thank you! (April 2011)

Just re-started caravanning after 20 years in the wilderness. Great idea. (April 2011)

Thank you for the great service you provide by keeping this site going. (April 2011)

Thanks for you contining work. Most valuable. (April 2011)

Thanks for the website. It's been a huge help deciding where to stay on our tour of Tassie. (April 2011)

Fabulous website that has helped us to find just the right caravan park for us. Thank you for providing such a brilliant service to travelers. (April 2011)

Good luck with it all and you do a brilliant job.... i tell people about your site often so hopefully it helps. (April 2011)

The site is great and it has been interesting to see different takes on parks we have been to. (March 2011)

Great site, big fan and amazed at the commitment you've given over the years. (March 2011)

Great site and very helpful. (March 2011)

Love the site. Really usefull. (March 2011)

Your website is great and very helpful. Its great to hear what other caravaners have to say not just the park owners themselves. Great work! (March 2011)

Badgers Reports and OzCamps are great value to us caravanners and I am proud to contribute, especially in my home state of Tassie. We are looking forward to getting great value from your site as we are going up to Darwin next month and then around either the west or east coasts. (March 2011)

I like that not only you allow commenting on parks but also staff. (March 2011)

Thanks so much for your site; it's invaluable. (March 2011)

Fantastic site. (March 2011)

We have just looked up your caravan park reports site - what a find!!!!! Thanks for the effort you are putting in. (March 2011)

Really like the idea of reporting on parks. (February 2011)

Congratulations on an excellent website - it has been so very helpful to us in deciding at which parks to stay in our travels - from Queensland, to NSW, to Victoria and now in Tasmania! Thank you! (February 2011)

Used your site when travelling in 2008, and now while travelling again decided we should contribute to a great service! (February 2011)

Thanks Gerard, I try to be helpful! ... I will aim to continue my reports throughout the year, the site is excellent but only as good as those who take the time to contribute to it. Thanks for all your hard work in running it. We've found the reports really helpful in terms of selecting places to stay ... and those to avoid! (In response to me thanking very useful reports, February 2011)

Thanks for a great website. We use it frequently and so do a lot of our fellow "grey nomads". Combined with "My Park List", it is the best reference site on the net for honest appraisals of parks. Keep up the good work. (February 2011)

Last report from me ... we're back home after our trip around Oz. Keep up the good work! (February 2011)

Great website - have told friends to refer to it. (February 2011)

Thankyou for your website, we use it often when travelling. ... Keep up the good work! (February 2011)

The site is valuable as we are permanent travellers. (February 2011)

We have viewed your site and think it is wonderful. ... Once again thanks for a great site. (Park Owner, February 2011)

Love the site. (February 2011)

You are doing a great job with this site Gerard. It is getting bigger and bigger! (February 2011)

This is an excellent resource. I have used it a number of times to plan our trips. Now that I am retired it is time to submit some reports of my own. (January 2011)

Great and useful site thanks! (January 2011)

Hi, am loving your site and the links to others. Brett Kinross has a fabulous site OzCamps! My husband and I have used it many times. (January 2011)

Just started looking through your site, great to see something like this on the net. (January 2011)

This site is awesome! (January 2011)

First time I have visited this site and was most impressed by some of the comments made ... keep up the reporting. (Park Owner, December 2010)

Would just like to say how valuable your site is. Thankyou so much, the information that has been provided by travellers has helped us immensely. We will also be submitting our reports whilst travelling. Once again Thankyou. (December 2010)

Thanks for all the work you put into keeping this site "up-to-date" and freely available to all! It is really appreciated by a lot of us out here! (December 2010)

Just checked out the report on (our park) on the advice of one of our visitors. Great idea for the use of genuine travellers. The feedback provided by travellers is essential in improving our business. Once again congratulations on a great site. (Park Owner, Novermber 2010)

Have been reading reports all the way from SA, NT and WA. This site is outstanding - I would say it is invaluable. Thanks for doing it. (November 2010)

Thank you. We appreciate your willingness to help, as well as any feedback/advise you have to give us! (Park Owner new to the business, November 2010)

Just found your excellent site - congratulations. We are new to caravanning but will send reports on ones we stay at. Thanks for creating this site and all the best. (November 2010)

We love your website, use it all the time. (November 2010)

It is a valuable service you provide to us all. (November 2010)

I love your website, I use it before every holiday. (November 2010)

It is an excellent service that you offer and we always update before travelling. (November 2010)

Thanks for your service. (November 2010)

Our holiday comes to an end in two months, and we have found your site to be invaluable! So thank you! (October 2010)

I use your site as a valuable tool when on the road, checking the reports before each stop. (October 2010)

It's a great site and a credit to you. (October 2010)

Thanks for the hard work. (October 2010)

I check the site before staying at any park for the first time and even those where elapsed time may have changed things for better or worse. There are quite a lot of good assessments submitted. (October 2010)

Keep up the good work. (October 2010)

I recommend your site to every one I meet on the track, even caravan park mangers/ owners. (October 2010)

Keep up the good work I will be checking the WA ones soon when I start plotting our course for 2011. (October 2010)

All the best with your site. (October 2010)

It is a great service that you provide and I regularly tell people about it so good luck with it all and thanks for going to all that effort. (October 2010)

This is an excellent site. Keep up the good work! (October 2010)

Your reports are soooo valuable to us - I read them every time we move - thank you so very much for doing the website - I tell lots and lots of people about it! (October 2010)

Your site is really popular (with us) and very handy. (October 2010)

What a great site this is. Takes any uncertainty out of which park to book into before getting there. (October 2010)

You've done a marvellous job. (October 2010)

Your site is a great reference. (October 2010).

Thank you for this site, it is terrific. Even though we all have different ideas about what is a good caravan park, comments from visitors make the exercise of picking a park much easier. (October 2010)

Fantastic site; have forwarded on to all our travelling friends. (September 2010)

Just a note to let you know that you have a great site. We will endeavour to assist in up-dating locations as we travel around this great country. (September 2010)

I have just found your site and wanted to congratulate you. I have found it very helpful as we are just starting out to do the caravan thing. Just wanted to let you know. (September 2010)

God I love your site, would not be without it now, don't go by the auto club books anymore. (Regular Contributor, September 2010)

I think your site is a great idea! (August 2010)

Just found it (this site) on a Google search and it's excellent! Thank you! (August 2010)

Have found it (the site) invaluable over the years. (Regular contributor, August 2010)

I think this (site) is a great idea and congrats on doing it all yourself. I have only come across this site today and was impressed with the review of my park. (Park Owner, August 2010)

Thanks for running a very useful site! (July 2010)

Great site, keep up the good work. (July 2010)

Thanks for your hard work. We the [deleted] family appreciate your work on this web site and the caravan world for the invaluable information on caravan parks as we base our holidays on where we stay from information provided from our fellow travelers. Well done keep up the good work. (July 2010)

Congratulations on a great site and the idea it sprang from. (June 2010)

Thanking you for a excellent site. (June 2010)

Just to say thank you for the great service you are providing. (May 2010)

We love your site and use it all the time to plan our trip. (May 2010)

You are doing a great job. (May 2010)

We must commend you on your site as we found it very useful and have advised many others on our journey to use it and also submit reports. (May 2010)

I only found your site a few months ago. I'm new to caravaning and a single mum so like to read up on parks to make sure they sound safe to take my daughter on holidays. Needless to say I love the site, great idea and good to see other peoples experiences. (May 2010)

I found this site through a google search and have been using it for several years. (May 2010)

Best one (web site) I have found as others old info, first time user for me. (April 2010)

At the back of the van we have our name and name of the van on the tyre cover. As we were driving through the security gate at [caravan park name deleted] a lady came running up to us all excited as she recognised our name from your website and said that they had been following our reports for the last four years. Keep up the good work. (Regular contributor, April 2010)

Use your report site now all the time, as we are 'grey nomads'. (March 2010)

Thanks for the great site!! (March 2010)

Thanks for all the time you have put in doing this! We appreciate it! (March 2010)

What a great site; it has helped us decide where to stay. Thanks for the hard work. (March 2010)

Researching parks to stay at and found (your website) while surfing the net. I have found the information very useful and would like to make a contribution myself (sent in 7 reports). (February 2010)

What a great job you are doing, have broadcast (the website) to locals and friends. (February 2010)

We've used your site as our first point of reference for years, you da man!!! (February 2010)

Just had to convey our thanks for creating and maintaining such a terrific resource for travelers. My husband and I will begin our first caravan trip with more confidence than we would otherwise have done, knowing we are heading somewhere genuinely enjoyed by others before us. We will be sure to put in a review following this trip and hopefully many future trips. The information has not only been useful, but entertaining also. Thanks again. (February 2010)

Would like to take opportunity to thank you for all the work that goes into putting up this great site. Have a happy and healthy 2010. (January 2010)

... have told many more travelers about your wonderful site. (January 2010)

I must commend you for the web site it has been very helpful for our travels and I have informed a lot of other travellers of the site so hopefully they too submit reports to keep it updated. (January 2010)

Just to say Badger, that your co-operation, true co-operation, between yourself and Gary is admired. The resource to travellers like ourselves is enhanced by like minded people co-operating as you both have. I congratulate both of you. (November 2009, commenting about Gary Stratton's website My Park List linking back to reports on mine).

We have just recently set off on the big trip and I found your website via the Explore Oz & Hobo Home sites. The idea is fantastic and deserves a hell of a lot of thanks for the work you do. We have submitted reports on all parks so far this trip. (November 2009)

The Badgers site is great and we really appreciate the reports for when we are travelling to a new area. (October 2009)

We've just driven from Melbourne to Katherine and home through Western Australia. As usual, I checked out the caravan park reports site and printed off reports on parks I thought we want to stay in. Such a great help and made selecting a caravan park so much easier. Thanks again for your website. (October 2009)

Have used it (the website) for many years as a reference before a caravan trip. (October 2009)

We use your website a lot when finding places to stay, so it's good value for us. (October 2009)

Congratulations on creating such a great site. (Caravan Park Operator, Sept 2009)

We use your site every time we travel, it is the best way to get an accurate view of places to stay (or not). Thankyou for providing this service to all of us happy wanderers. (Sept 2009)

I imagine you would recieve a number of comments from Campsite Operators that are, shall we say, hard to take. I wanted to counter-balancve that by saying a huge Thank You to you for putting in the time and trouble that it takes to host a website like this. I am considering a trip to the Kimberleys around this time next year and have already found that just a half-hour's browsing has been just SO worthwhile. (Sept 2009)

We use your site EVERY town we go to - have been on the road for a year now. (July 2009)

Keep up the good work, its a great site. (July 2009)

Thanks for a great and very informative site. My wife and I are full time Grey Nomads and refer to your reports constantly. Keep up the great work. Thanks Again. (June 2009)

Congatulations on your site, what a helpful tool this is. (Park Managers, June 2009)

Thanks very much for your website. It has been very useful to me since I started caravanning two years ago and now I feel sufficiently confident in my knowledge of caravan parks to submit my first report. (June 2009)

Thank you for your efforts with this site I use it religiously with great success while travelling as we carry a laptop and mobile modem which is well worth the effort, will submit some more reports shortly on some other parks we found more pleasant during our recent trip because the reports were available on your site. (May 2009)

Thank you SOOO much for keeping this site - we use it 3-4 times a week to decide where we're to stay so are very happy to contribute! (April 2009)

By the way, love this site, it is the best thing ever and when I was telling people about it at a party one night they all wanted the link so good job. (April 2009)

Thank you for your quick response Gerard and if any more of these types of reports are submitted to you could you please email them to me so I can at least give the other side to the story. (From park operator who queried a report of his park. February 2009)

Have come across a few people that use this site on our last couple of trips - so you are appreciated! (January 2009)

You provide the best info on parks (with a bit of help from the travelling public), so ... keep up the good work on your voluntary website. (October 2008)

Thank you very much for a great site. We found it so useful while we were planning and travelling. I have submitted reports for the parks we stayed at during our 3 months trip. However, next time we travel, I will submit as we go or take report sheets so that I can be a bit more specific with detail. (October 2008)

Great site is Badgers site. Helps tremendously when planning to stay in caravan parks. Well done. (October 2008)

Good luck and keep up the great work you are doing with this site. It certainly is a huge help for those who are travelling around this big wide beautiful country of ours. At least with this you do get different views from different people and there needs at different times. Caravan parks can tend to change very quickly in conditions and the cost. We must say though that most are very good. You do get the odd one that just doesn't want to be there or know you. Makes you wonder why they are in this business. (August 2008)

Much appreciate all the work you do - it is very well followed by our industry! (State Manager, Caravan Park Chain, July 2008)

Your database is a great idea and is of immense value to caravanners. (June 2008)

Hope you can maintain the interest, as it is a site I use and recommend regularly. (June 2008)

Keep up the marvellous work. (May 2008)

We find the reports on your website to be invaluable and believe we should do our bit to support you. (May 2008)

Many thanks for all your work on the site, really appreciated. (May 2008)

I have been using your site for some time now, and it's been brilliant, hasn't failed me yet!! Sorry I haven't been returning the favour but intend on doing so from now on, our next trip away is June long weekend. Thanks again, and happy camping. (May 2008)

Thanks for your response Gerard, we are home for a while now. Having operated a park for 15 years before retiring in 2000 I value such a site and look forward to offering objective appraisals. (April 2008)

We have just embarked on an eight month around Australia trip and in many cases have used your reports extensively when deciding what parks to stay in. We would like to return the favour to keep the website up to date so that others can benefit from our experience. (March 2008)

Just found this site - looks an excellent idea. We travel for months each year - will send reports. (March 2008)

Just adding my thanks to your long list of happy Website users. It is so helpful to read what other campers thought about a place. (March 2008)

Congratulations on the informative site, we use it a lot, I have just introduced my husband to it now that he has retired, as there is a wealth of information here. Kind regards, and keep up the good work. (March 2008)

Having discovered how useful your site is when selecting from a multitude of parks in the next town, I decided I should put something back. Therefore I have started contributing. Having just received a 'Thank You' for my latest offering, I would like to thank YOU for all the effort you put in. It's much appreciated. (February 2008)

Thanks for maintaining the site. We find it really useful and try to contribute from each of our stays. (January 2008)

Thank you for your innovative web site. We have recently retired and will be heading off soon on an extended holiday to South Australia. I stumbled on the site quite by accident and it has been a tremendous tool in planning the trip. We look forward to contributing our reports when we return. Thanks again for this great service to the caravanners and campers of Australia. (January 2008)

Just wanted to say thanks for your website. Based solely on reviews from your site, we just had a great 5-night stay in the [caravan park], Eden. It's a nice feeling knowing that the place you have just booked to stay in unsighted has received such good reviews from previous holiday makers. Just one less thing to worry about when setting off on a relaxing holiday. (January 2008)

I would like to thank you for putting a hell of a lot of work into consolidating this web site for the benefit of all caravanners. (December 2007)

This site is fantastic and has been great for ideas of places to stay. (November 2007)

Thank you, Badger for having an excellent and valuable site. Good on you! (November 2007)

I would like to thank you for this site I find it really useful in deciding where to stay. So far most of the reports have been quite accurate at parks that we have stayed at. (October 2007)

Quite a website you are running here. Thanks in advance for the information provided and wishing you well with maintaining your site. (September 2007)

Keep up the good work, excellent web site and a valuable source of information. (September 2007)

We would like to say that your site is tremendous and a great help for greenhorns like myself. (September 2007)

Just happened on your website and find it very interesting and helpful to travellers. (August 2007)

Thanks for your continuing efforts - greatly appreciated. (August 2007)

Thank you for your patience with novices like me. You are doing a great job! (August 2007)

Found you site very interesting and helpful. (February 2007)

Thank you for such an informative site. Your site is at the top of our 'Favorites'. (November 2006)

Google found me your site on page 1 under the search "caravan parks western australia". Congratulations on a very valuable service. When I eventually get back on the road you can be sure that I'll "do my bit" by adding to the reports. Keep up the good work. (November 2006)

Keep up the great work and website. (November 2006)

Thanks for your on-going work on this site - is of great value! (October 2006)

I think this website is great as I am doing some research for our trip to Tassie & the reviews are invaluable. Keep up the good work. (October 2006)

I appreciate what you do. I wish we had known about this before we left, as we relied on brochures as to where we stayed. (September 2006)

I have been following your site for a couple of years and have found it interesting to check places we are intending to go and also to compare other people's opinions with my own about various parks. (September 2006)

Thank you for your most useful web site. (August 2006)

What a Great Site!!! I have only just been advised of your site and I am very impressed. (August 2006)

I find your site very helpful when we are travelling and hope you keep up the good work. (August 2006)

Thanks for all your work - is most valuable! (August 2006)

Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the time you've spent to write back to me explaining the situation. Like you state I thought the free text I typed would have appeared as is. Maybe next time I'll submit a report in the other format. Having read your response we all should be very grateful for the time and effort you and others put into it. It is a very handy tool when checking out parks to stay at. The way you have dealt with my email reflects highly on the integrity and honesty of yourself and the web site and I'll surely recommend it to others. (In response to contributor querying why his report appeared different to what he had sent.) (August 2006)

This is a fantastic web site. My wife and I are about to head off for a caravanning holiday and this site has been invaluable for our planning. (July 2006)

I just love this site. Do you REALLY realise the number of people you help. This was a very giving idea that you had. Thank you once again. Stay healthy. (July 2006)

Thank you. It is good that you are providing this service and I have been making use of it to determine places to stay on our proposed trip. I will print out more forms and as I travel round will try to update. (June 2006)

Thanks for this prompt report. We appreciate your courtesy. (From caravan park operator, May 2006)

We are in the process of planning a trip from Dalyellup WA to Canberra ACT in August this year for a period of 3 months. Have found your site very helpful in deciding what parks to stop at along the way. Many thanks. (May 2006)

Thankyou for your action on my request, credit to you. Keep up the good work with the web site. (From park operator who queried a report of his park. April 2006).

Keep up the good work. You have developed arguably the most useful single resource for Aussie travellers with this marvellous website. (April 2006)

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent service you are providing for us caravan travellers. Since retiring 18 months ago we have done quite a lot of touring and we have used your caravan reports as our guidelines for finding good caravan parks. We have not gone wrong following the reports. Keep up the good work. (March 2006)

Thanks for a great site. (November 2005)

... it is so difficult to obtain unbiased, recent and accurate reports on Australia's caravan parks. Keep up your good work. Your site is magnificent. (November 2005)

You provide a great service, and I've made use of it on a number of occasions; the information has been invaluable in helping me to decide where to stay. (October 2005)

G'day just found your site. Certainly beats any of the motoring organisations directories. Interesting reading the reports on the same park isn't it - we all have different perceptions and expectations. Thank you for organising such an informative site. (October 2005)

I was complaining that star ratings only show how many features a park has not how clean or friendly they are, then I found your site and its exactly what we need!!!!! Well done. (July 2005)

I believe your website is fantastic and I will be pleased to participate in helping to keep it that way. (April 2005)

The famous "Badgers" is a great service to the caravanners. (March 2005)

Thank you for a great resource, and we look forward to supporting you with more reports in the future. (March 2005)

What a great idea. Thanks for putting this website together. (March 2005)

Wish I had discovered this site before. Keep up the good work. (February 2005)

The reports are extremely useful and used by lots of caravanners. It's a pleasure to help and contribute to your effort. Once again thanks for your effort on behalf of caravanners. We tell lots of vanners about the website. (February 2005)

Your reports are more accurate than AAA's and as we are now on the road full time are very helpful. (February 2005)

Just a quick word to compliment you on your web site. My wife and I are keen caravanners but for a number of reasons we have been unable to get our van on the road for a few years. I check your site regularly and find the reports on parks a valuable resource and am constantly entertained by them. We will commence caravanning again soon and will rely on your reports for our accommodation. (February 2005)

What a wonderful informative site. What a wealth of information for caravanners like us. Much better and truer than the NRMA books or even the BIG4 or Tourist Park booklets (although I am sure they give the best information they can). But a truer picture is given by your reporters who have stayed at a caravan site and have been moved to write to you. Every best wish with your website - it is just brilliant - and I will be sure to take your web address on the road and let other caravanners know who to write to if they have a gripe (or best of all if they are happy with a caravan site). (January 2005)

We are just starting caravanning and find it of great assistance to look up these reports before staying. (January 2005)

Just wanted to say good on you!! It is a fine service you provide. (June 2004)

Thank you! Along with a lot of other people we really appreciate the work and time you put into your caravan park reports. (June 2004)

Thanks Badger for the efforts of you and your team - keep up the good work. (June 2004)

Thank you for your efforts in keeping this site going. (June 2004)

Thanks for a great service. Appreciate your efforts. (February 2004)

... thank you again and again for the time and effort you put into making it so much easier for those who treat your site and the reports pretty much as gospel. We don't go anywhere without first looking at the reports for the towns on our trip and I usually print them out and take them with us - beats the hell out of the magazines and the NRMA. (January 2004)

Whilst I accessed your site not to plan a holiday but for business reasons, I must congratulate you on producing a great guide to caravan parks in the country. My goal is to ensure newspapers are available wherever there may be customers and I needed information about the number of parks north of Brisbane and the facilities available. To get non-biased opinions from people that actually stayed there rather than from the park owner telling you how great their park is, was terrific. Come holiday time I'll return to plan my trip. Well done. (November 2003)

Love the site - it's well and truly about time consumers had input !!! (October 2003)

Just a short note to say how thankful we are for your reports. (October 2003)