How to Submit Reports

It is suggested that first time contributors take the relatively short time to read this whole page, in case your report is not accepted.

Since 1998, with the help of everyday caravanners, campers, and cabin users, like yourself, I have built and maintained Australian Caravan Park Reports (THE first of its type in the WORLD) into a continually updated and informative guide on the quality of caravan parks. If you can help by providing updated reports on the quality of service and amenities then please do so. 

I do not accept one-off reports, from one-off contributors, who rate a park badly.  I may accept such reports if I also receive reports for other parks from the same contributor.  That is, if you have NEVER submitted reports here before, and the ONLY report you submit rates a park badly or is a "gripe session", then I am more than likely to remove that report.  This website is not a place to simply down-rate a single park, while not praising all those parks that deserve it.  If you have stayed at other parks before, then by all means submit reports for those and I will consider leaving the bad one as well.

Do not plagiarise (copy) information from other sources including websites.

I abide by the Privacy Act 1988 (cth) and the Spam Act 2003 (cth).  Any and all personal information supplied (for example, your name, e-mail address, etc) will be treated with the strictest confidence and professionalism. If anyone wants to contact a contributor, they can contact me and I shall pass the request to the contributor.  I will never supply contributors details personally. I belong to no organisation or company related to caravanning or such.  My family and I just love caravanning, camping and 4WDing. Please read my Copyright and Disclaimer Statement.

Hints on How to Rate

The Rating in each report is made by the actual park users, and rates the park/campground from 0 (low standard) to 5 (high standard). It ignores the Star Rating which is awarded and managed by AAA Tourism (AAA Tourism is the national tourism body of Australia's auto clubs - to read how AAA Tourism rates caravan parks and defines their STAR classifications, click here). Therefore, the amount (or lack) of amenities may not affect the Rating. See also my hints below on rating a park/campground. Cabin accommodation can also be rated.

For example, a park which is suited to a one-night stop-over, but have basic amenities, may rate higher than a park which is more geared to longer stays and has more amenities - the one-nighter may have less services but these are in excellent condition, whereas the longer-stay park may have more services but they are not well kept or not clean and would spoil a long stay. So, you can see that the Rating is more suited to picking the quality of a park, rather than just "brownie points" for more services.

Rating a campground takes into account the facilities and cleanliness of these, and the location. The facilities available can be varied, from a single bush toilet to hot showers and free BBQs. The area may also not be suitable for caravans.  Roadside rest areas are not "campgrounds" and reports on such are not accepted.  A campground is one that usually allows stays of 48 hours or more and is "off the road".

Rating What it could mean for caravan parks


Wouldn't stay here if it was the last caravan park on Earth. I'd expect that you did not stay at all.


Would suit a "desperate" overnighter if you were too tired to drive any further and no other alternatives available.  Maybe this rating is due to poor atmosphere of park rather than lack of facilities, or poor value for money.


Would suit as a basic overnighter - stop, sleep, go.  Maybe rates low due to atmosphere or service, poor value for money.


A very good overnighter or possibly suit a day or two stay.  You would expect this to be the standard for an average park.  May not have a lot of facilities, but the place is welcoming and staff friendly. Reasonable value for money.


Would be good for a long stay, or maybe a great overnighter.  May have added touches, e.g. free undercover bbqs with picnic tables; heated pool; good night lighting; power, tap and sullage to all sites.  On the other hand, may not have a lot of facilities, but ambiance is top-class and staff go out of their way. Good value for money.


Service beyond the call of duty, well tendered park, lots of clean amenities, plus the added touches.  Definitely for the long-term stay.  May not have "all" the facilities,  but may rate high on location, ambiance and staff service. Great value for money.


Rating What it could mean for campgrounds


Wouldn't stay here if it was the last campground on Earth.  I'd expect that you did not stay at all.


Very basic amenities, maybe just a drop toilet.


A couple of facilities, maybe toilet and water.


A few facilities, maybe a toilet, water, bbq and some other niceties, or maybe good location.


A very good campground, good facilities, good atmosphere, probably powered sites available, or maybe a very good location.


An excellent campground, with probably flush toilets, showers, powered sites available, the works, or maybe an excellent location.

>>> How to Submit a Report <>

The first time you submit a report, you will be asked for an email address and some other very basic details, and allows you to select a Nickname to be displayed on your report as the contributor.  You will only have to submit this basic information once.  When you submit reports in a future session, you will only need to supply your email address to "identify" you as a previous contributor.

You can then select the State, Location, and Park Name for the report from drop-down boxes. If the park does not exist in the drop-down boxes, you can click the button to add a New Park report and manually enter the State, Location, and Park Name within the Online Submission Form.

You now can submit your review using one of two Online Submission Forms:

  1. Standard Form with clickable selections for such things as Amenities, Sites, Facilities, etc. Might be used for a park that does not have any reviews or any up to date reviews.
  2. Short Form is basic free-form text as your report.  Might be used for a park that has adequate reviews, and you just wish to provide your perspective and experience.

You can then preview your report, alter it, submit it, and optionally enter another one.

There is a print-friendly Report Sheet - DOC version or PDF version - for the Standard Form. You can print a number of those Report Sheets before you go on holidays so that you can observe and take note of the quality of various park facilities while at the caravan parks. Don't send me the printed forms - my shredder simply then gets fed.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read the above.  I know that there will be a lot of people who will not send me information about a park, but who could contribute helpfully if they did. Happy, and safe, caravanning.