What's New on the Website

To view new reports, go to Display Reports/List Recent Reports

March 9 2015
Changed order of main menu items.

Oct 1 2014
Changed background colour from white to light grey.

May 26
A new park designator as been added to the left-hand side of the park header in reports:
CP denotes it as a Caravan Park
CG denotes it as a Campground
SS denotes is as a Station Stay
DFP denotes it as a Dog Friendly Park (this can be displayed as well as one of the other three).

May 22
A Search facility is now available, to find a park by name.  See the Questions and Answers page on how it works, or just see the instructions under the Search box.  Go to Display Reports then Search By Park Name.

May 20
There is now no need to enter the type of park (Caravan Park / Campground / Station Stay) in each report, as this is inbuilt within the park header.

May 17
When you click on the Contributors Name at the top of a report, that contributors last ten reports will be displayed.  This should give you an idea of the style of reporting by that contributor.

March 28
A Pet Friendly icon appears to the left of the park header if that park is a Dog Friendly Park.  It is easy then to use (for example) the List Reports By Town option to see which parks in that town are DFPs.

March 17
Contributors can now opt-out of receiving an email copy of each of the reports they submit.  It is set as turned on by default (you will receive an email copy of your report submissions).  It can be changed via the Contributors Area by editing your details.

March 16
Addition of List Reports By Route.
Also, the List Reports By Region has had the need to enter a Park Name removed.

March 14
Contributors can now display all reports that they have submitted.  Simply log into the Contributors Area and you will see the button to View Your Reports.

March 13
Under Display Reports, you will see List Recent Reports, which is a list of reports added in the last three months.  The list is dynamically updated, so that as soon as a report is added, it will appear in this list.  Clicking on a link will take you to the reports for that park.

Ability has been added to have your Nickname emailed to you if you have forgotten it, via Contributors Area.

March 12 2014
The ability to display reports for all parks in a town has been added - see Display Reports / List All Reports By Town.