Information for Park Owners and Managers

Please read my Copyright, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy before contacting me. To contact me, use the email button on the home page. This website resides on a dedicated server at My Park List. The content of this website is not that of My Park List; they simply host the website for me.

No person can claim to be a representative of Australian Caravan Park Reports. Park operators should not be swayed by any person purporting to represent myself or this website.

It is important to note that the reports within are the facts and opinions of users of your caravan parks. Generally, the first 40 reports for any user is moderated.  Each report from these contributors is checked, and where there appears to be a bias, the contributor is contacted, and possibly also the park manager, to query the report. If I am not satisfied that the report is accurate, the report is rejected.  I do not accept "one-off" reports from new contributors which rate a park badly or criticise it - these are invariably rejected outright.

Any park operator has the right to challenge the factual accuracy of any report on their park. If you feel a report is inaccurate in facts, please email me with the details. I will immediately investigate the report with the contributor, or in most cases immediately correct the error. Please be aware though, that simply not liking what a person has said about your park (for example, unfriendly staff, pool filthy, or amenities unclean) usually remains in a report, however if there does appear a genuine bias I will remove/amend the report.

Park operators have always been welcome to send factual comments to me, via email, about their park at any time and I will include them in the reports. For example, I will accept comments such as "In July 2014 we built a new amenity block in addition to the current ones".

Please note however, that parks can not submit reviews on their own park. If I discover this, the park will be banned permanently from this site and I will reject any and all future reports from contributors.

Tell your guests about this website if you want to read honest feedback.  There is a poster (PDF format) you can place in your reception and/or laundry area to get people to submit reports of your park. Get it here.

Finally, as mentioned above, please feel free to email me with comments (facts) about your park. Remember, I am human, I take great pains to be fair to all, and I respond better to politeness than threats.