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Welcome to Badger's Australian Caravan Park Reports

Established 1998, this web site contains caravan park reviews, as rated by the people who stay in them - YOU - the caravanners, campers,  motorhomers, and cabin users - unlike the usual park rating system used in standard guides. Campgrounds, and station stays are also included.

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This is NOT a commercial or profit-making website. All work on this site is 100% voluntary, and has been since its inception.

There will be occasions where improvements to a park have occurred since a review was submitted, and conversely a park may have fallen below the reported standard over the years. For this reason people should still send reviews even though ones exist, purely to maintain the reports as current as possible.

Caravan park operators are free to submit updates to their listings - see Information for Park Operators.

Tell fellow travellers and park managers about this web site
Tell them to Google "Caravan Park Reports"
This web site is a totally free service to everyone

Please help by easily and quickly submitting a report on parks and campgrounds you have visited. I do my bit by freely maintaining the site, so please do your bit by submitting reports - fair enough?



If you are emailing a question to me about how to use the site, see the Questions Answered page first.


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My Park List <- provides a full list of Australian caravan parks, created by Gary Stratton. Has full park contact details and a Google map of the park's location. Lots of easy search options, including a separate DFP list. Listings will link back to reports on this website if a report is available. This is the only caravan park search website I use because it is so up to date.

Caravanning Links <- lists information about caravanning, online caravan forums, caravans, motorhomes, 4WDs, club associations, finding places to stay, dump points around Australia, people's travel diaries and much more.

All Things Caravan <- for manufacturers, rentals, storage, servicing & repairs.

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