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Reports by:- Badger

Qld, Cloncurry, Wals Camp

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 1.5
Gawd, this is a caravan park? The gate was locked when we got there at 6:10pm - sign said gates open 10 am to 6 pm. We rang the phone number, and Mr Grumpy ummed and arhed if he'd come to open the gate, even asking "the boss" if it was okay. He arrived on his motorised scooter, along with a foul look. Evidently he did not believe we had just spent 5 hours at Cloncurry Hospital for my wife's inflamed knee, seeing she was driving (resting the left knee). He let us in regardless but the foul look persisted. $30 power and water, cash, no receipt. Please note, Mr ATO. There are no "individual sites", you pull up along a number of rows separated by trees, upon loose crushed blue metal that loved to make its way into the van. We moved to another "site" when I realised we were on top of an ant nest. Amenity block has to be seen to be believed. When you sit on the toilet, people outside the open doorway can see you "squatting" there. Hmmm. The showers are not private, being just a pull across curtain - nothing to lock. No basin or such in one toilet area - I had to walk to the other one next door to wash my hands. The BBQ area is also weird - the BBQs are actually ancient wood fired ovens with a top which maybe can be used as a hot plate; no thank you. I could not see any wood to fire it. This place was an experience, for sure, but one which we could have missed. For an extra few dollars we would stay at one of the other parks in town that ARE real caravan parks.

Qld, Townsville, Coconut Glen Van Village - Bohle

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 2.5
A lovely caravan park. While I was booking in, the husband (?) showed my wife to the site and even unhitched the trailer from our motorhome for us. $30 for power, water, and sullage, on the lushest, greenest grass I have seen in our 6 months holiday (we paid $196 for the week). Wide sites, for example our motorhome was on the grass, next to a level and new-looking slab, and our trailer was on the other side of that, so plenty of room. Clean camp kitchen with clean BBQ outside, another BBQ down the rear beside a shelter, but the BBQ could do with a clean. Clean amenity block (one). Clean, refreshing salt-chlorinated pool in a lovely setting, though the rinse shower did not work and the filter was not in operation whenever we swam in the pool over the week we stayed there, which I thought strange. Our site was near the front of the park but road noise was minimal, especially at night, yet across the road is a sand blasting company and their industrial compressor ran all day - that may not be a problem if you're out and about during the day, but it was annoying for the day we stayed "home" to relax. I had occasion to ring the office "emergency" number one night at 9 pm to complain of a constantly barking dog on one site, to have the phone ring out. That was annoying, but I rang again to have the rather disinterested sounding host answer, then take 7 minutes to come out and investigate the problem. It kind of put a dampener on my first impressions of the hosts, especially as he seemed to treat us as leapers after that. If someone is going to host a caravan park, they need to be a bit more lively to complaints. A fair few permanents in some shabby vans in one area, but on my walk-around I was surprised at how friendly they all were - the only unfriendly person I encountered was another motorhomer, go figure. We would not stay here again.

NT, Daly Waters, Hi-Way Inn Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 4
Nice to finally have grass under us in a NT caravan park, and it takes a roadhouse to provide it and not a traditional park. Go figure. Some sites with shade if you park on the eastern side of the powered area. Basic amenities right opposite this area. Clean pool and spa (the old pool area is closed and drained - the new pool area is outside the beer garden). The spa was a lot cooler than the warm pool. We chose the spa in the heat of the day. When booking into a powered site ($28), you get a voucher for a free house wine plus a schooner of beer. We had a meal at the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised at the quality and size of meals. I was thinking of having the Truckers Heaven Mixed Grill but the waitress talked me out it - she said it was HUGE. After having a HUGE mixed grill in Wales in 2014 and then suffering 3 heart attacks right afterwards, I took her advice and opted for the large $20 hamburger. My wife had the succulent salt and pepper squid ($18). Gas refills at a pleasant price too. We'd stay here again.

NT, Cape Crawford, Heartbreak Hotel Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 3
$30 for a powered site with good water. Grassy sites with plenty of shade. Sprinklers were on when we arrived but I simply moved one out of the way so we could park in a preferred spot. Clean UC pool. Book-in was simple if not over friendly by the young lass. You're in a customer service industry, learn to smile. We did not eat at the restaurant but the prices seemed reasonable, yet there was not much of a menu. Amenities block was very basic. The wandering small herd of cattle were not bothersome, but only added to the feeling of being in the "outback". The cow pats were expected as such.

NT, Cape Crawford, October Creek Rest Area

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 1.5
Stopped here for morning tea on the way to Heartbreak Hotel. Since 2019, they have added the extra facilities. Nice shaded areas.

NT, Barkly, Barkly Homestead Wayside Inn

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 3.5
$30 powered site and good water. Sullage to trees. Each powered site is drive-through, separated by concrete/grass matting borders most with good shade. Looks neat. Power and water in each border. The roads and sites are all compacted red clay. 3 basic amenity blocks, all clean. Large unpowered section, well grassed. The bbq area/camp kitchen is a let-down - 1 fridge, 1 grubby bbq (costs $1), dirty/dusty tables and seating. Not nice at all. Dump Point. Clean pool, nice UC patio area, behind landscaped fence. Check-in was ho-hum from the foreign backpacker. No mud mat, just directions "head down to the right of the pool," but we were given a small leaflet about the park's facilities. This is the 3rd outback park that seems reluctant in giving out a mud map of the park. Just something we noticed. Sprinklers were on the grassed areas so some effort is made to make the otherwise dirt bowl presentable. The sites started filling up by 2pm and this was very late into the dry season. All in all, we would stay again.
Added Touches:- Happy hour 4-5 pm drinks $5. We had the Barkly Burger for $20 - a good size, with the lot, plus chips. More than a meal

Qld, Mary Kathleen, Mary Kathleen Historic Site

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 1.5
No change to my 2019 report. Lots of slabs for parking or choose from plenty of shady places. No amenities. We stayed for a few days just for the peace and quiet of the birds and wandering cows.

NT, Mataranka, Bitter Springs Cabin And Camping

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 3
We arrived here only a couple of weeks before the park closes for the wet season on Oct 10 after NT school holidays end, so many of the areas were cordoned off, most noticeably the closest amenity block. The water is still suspect so we used our tank water for drinking etc and the park's mains for dish washing and showering only. The hosts are friendly and insisted on Covid check-in, which was appreciated. Enjoyed another shady site, and many swims in Bitter Springs, having taken the offer of stay 3 nights and get a 10% discount off the total tariff. Nice and quiet this time of year. The last day we suffered from an infestation of small brown ants. Been lucky so far on all our travels over the years of having no such problems. Put a real dampener on the stay. Don't think we'll come back here.

Qld, Julia Creek, Julia Creek Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 3.5
$32 per night, power, water, and sullage. Individual sites, many drive-thru, some with a bit of shade which will get better as the trees grow. Concrete slabs. Very clean and large amenities. Free bike hire and free token for the public swimming pool right across the road. Doggy off-leash area across the road from the office. Friendly reception. Cabins and camping areas seemed more than adequate. Very good camp kitchen and a bush kitchen is a unique cast-iron fireplace - would be good if camping rough here. We'd stay here again.

Qld, Richmond, Lakeview Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2021 Rating: 4
A revamped council park. Now has large drive-thru sites at the rear with true lake views, but no shade. The shaded sites are smaller and have bugger-all lake views. The amenity blocks are spacious and spotlessly clean. Good Laundry. Amazing camp kitchen with pots, pans, cutlery, oven, stove, the works, and a gas BBQ outside. The inside is set up like a kitchen. Another lovely BBQ area overlooks the lake, and has two free gas BBQs, tables, chairs, other seating, all undercover. Free WiFi. Powered sites $25 with power, town water, and sullage, and all have slabs next to asphalt driveways. Annex anchor points in the slabs. Unpowered camping, cabins, and villas available. Right next to, and easy access to, Lake Fred Tritton which is stocked with fish including barramundi (which eluded my hook, as usual). Friendly book in process. We'd stay here again.