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WA, Northampton, True Blue Northampton Caravan Park

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 2.5
Stayed here for 2 days. Just 88 km N of Geraldton. A basic park but well-maintained with friendly owners/hosts who live in the large white house behind the park. Park office is the railway carriage which you get to by turung right after entering the park. Follow signs. Powered sites with water and grass, $39 PN. Sullage via a hose to the grass. Don't dump directly onto site. Central large and clean code-locked amenity block behind the camp kitchen. Some shady sites but most open to the sun.

WA, Perth, Cherokee Village Mobile Home And Tourist Park - Kingsley

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 4
Almost a repeat of my 2021 report: Mostly a mobile home village, but quite a few van sites scattered about but near amenities, which are spotlessly clean as is the caravan park in general. Camp kitchen, plenty of bins, free library for books or DVDs, secure entry via a $50 deposit electronic tag. Very friendly hosts Wayne and Jodie as well as the permanent residents we met. Would not be suitable for very large rigs as the access roads can be tight, yet we had a motorhome with a trailer and had no problems. Dump point and potable water available. All sites with power, water, and sullage, slabs with grass to the side. Very wide sites - we could park the motorhome, have the awning right out and still had plenty of room to have the trailer unhitched and parked next to us. Clean pool. Quiet. We decided to stay 9 days.

WA, Warradarge, Halfway Mill Roadhouse Caravan Park

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 1.5
A small, badly maintained roadside caravan park attached to a small roadhouse. The roadhouse was the first built on the Brand Highway. Eight powered sites on a dirt base of leaves and tree debris. A toilet block that seems not to have been cleaned in a while. No soap or paper towels. There were more mozzies inside the gents than outside. There is a free washing machine inside the gents. The woman's area fares better than the men's which has peeling paint and mould holding up the ceiling. No water hookup but there is a freshwater tap outside the toilet to fill containers. Quite a bit of road noise from the highway which normally does not bother us but the noise here seems to be louder. At $20 it would only be suitable for an overnight stay. The owner was a nice chap to chat with.

WA, Greenough, S-Bend Caravan Park

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 3.5
Friendly hosts Maxine and Gary (owner), although Miriam, whom I met on day two, could do with a personality transplant. Locked amenities, key provided. Park gates locked between 6 pm and 7 am. We opted for a self-contained site with no access to water, power, or amenities, at $5 PP PN. A bargain, although I can't report on the cleanliness etc of the amenities they were cleaned each day and someone told me they were spotless. We were on the lushest, greenest grass we've been on for I don't know how long. Basic camp kitchen in the middle of the park. We've only come across a handful of parks that allow self-contained at a bargain price. I am sure others will be out there and more will follow. If they had not offered this, we would have free-camped anyway, so they made $30 off us for the three days we stayed. A good location, halfway between Dongara and Geraldton. A few kms south of the worth-a-visit Greenough historical village. We booked 1 night and ended up staying 3. Cheap fuel at the attached small Puma roadhouse that serves takeaways at reasonable prices.

WA, Carnarvon, Coral Coast Tourist Park

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 4
We stayed here for three weeks before and during the Xmas period and into the New Year. Let's get to "cons" out of the way. The office states its open from 9 till 5. That was never the case. In fact, we arrived at 4 pm to book in to find the office was closed. A sign on the office door says to use the phone next to it to contact someone if the office is shut. The phone rings and rings, but no one answered it on the 3 separate occasions we tried over that period. Locals entering the park after dark and stealing stuff is prevalent. We had someone try to open our locked door around 10:30 pm. We were still up at that time. Only after checking our site did I come across that our water hose had been cut and the tap connector stolen. This is a ploy by would-be-thieves. They get your attention by "trying the door", expecting you to concentrate on repairing the hose on the other side of the van while they sneak in through a now unlocked door to rifle through your stuff in under 2 mins. We, fortunately, were knowledgeable of this trick and locked the door whilst we were outside. The caretaker the next day confirmed it to be a known ruse used in the park and elsewhere. The caretaker chased off three other small groups of locals over that three-week period. Now the "pros". The ground staff and cleaners were extremely friendly and obliging. Garry, Julie, Ron, and Romana were exemplary in their courtesy and friendlies and could not do enough to make our stay relaxing and carefree. Wayne in reception was new, learning the ropes, and was friendly as well. Garry pointed out the best fishing and crabbing spots in the area, and also put us onto Fish Tails, a takeaway van opened Wed thru Sat 5 till 8 pm. It parks down outside the Visitor Information Centre in town. Snapper and chips, cooked to perfection the two times were went there, was only $18 each and filled us up. There is a menu in the arcade notice board next to Amcal Chemist. The amenities were spotless and cleaned properly every morning. The amenities are generally separate small ensuites of toilet, basin, and shower, in two large amenity blocks. There is at least one disabled setup and another with a bath. The pool is spotless. Because of the heat, we have stayed at various parks over the past months/years and some take little care of their pool area. One park's pool (in NT) was unhealthily cloudy for most of our three-week stay there. This pool was well maintained. All powered sites have concrete slabs, power and water, and the remainder of the park is almost entirely shell grit. There is no sullage to just some sites, so just lay your hose against a tree. There is a green area behind the pool and another one near the camp kitchen, both areas were watered and tidied at least once a week. The shell grit was not a problem. It was a relief for it to prevent dust from blowing around, as most days were windy, with gusts up to 80 knots some days. There are lots of shady site options under mature or maturing trees. The camp kitchen has all the facilities you would want if not "self contained". The rec room is basic, and not air conditioned so we did not use it. We did partake of the book swap there. There are two areas of washing machines, $5 each, $1 or $2 coins. There is a large clothesline area near the main laundry and some rotary lines are scattered around the parks outskirts. There is a fish cleaning facility behind the pool and a freezer there for the specific purpose of double-bagging fish offal etc. for freezing. The staff dispose of anything left in there on bin day so that the normal bins don't become putrid in the interim. Good idea that. This park is the most central to the town shopping area by far of any caravan park in the area. It's an easy 400 m to Woollies, an Amcal chemist, and BWS. The post office and BottleMart is another 200 m past that. A complaint we had about another park used was dealt with on the spot by Romana. Garry seems efficient in that respect as well. All-in-all an enjoyable experience, catered for by friendly staff.

WA, Meadow, Billabong Roadhouse Motel Caravan Park

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 1.5
Next to the BP service station (used to be Shell) which is where you book in. Just an open clay area with copious power outlet poles delineating the sites. No water. Take your sullage with you. Basic, small amenity block. Bins. That's it. It's well placed to break a journey between Carnarvon and Geraldton. $30 PP PN, children $5 each.

WA, Perth, Wanneroo Caravan Park - Wanneroo

Date of Stay: January 2023 Rating: 3
Basically a permanent's park with just a few sites for tourists. Clean swimming pool and spotless amenities central to the park. The permanent sites range from tidy "homes" to a few untidy vans. Narrow roads would not be suitable for big rigs but okay for cars and vans. Our MH with trailer was no problem. Everyone we met during our stay was friendly. Bev and Gary at reception were friendly and had a sense of humour. Would suit an overnighter if nothing else available. EDIT: 10 days later we stayed for 9 nights and found it okay for that length of time. We had stayed at Cherokee which is much larger and a tad more "up market" but Wanneroo is cheaper and we were happy to return.

WA, Broome, Discovery Parks

Date of Stay: November 2022 Rating: 4.5
Stopped here for 3 days, stayed 18. Magnificent scenery at the waterfront site with a massive price reduction as of Nov 1. Super clean pool in lovely environment. Not shaded though. Amenities ok but they are building additional ones close to the pool area which will be ready for 2023 peak season. Had run-in with a neighbour who went troppo when I politely asked him to make sure his sprinkler was not wetting our trailer as we have the front flap open for the fridge/freezer. Third time he had done it and this time he had it on full bore. He yelled the most atrocious foul language to my wife whilst his wife stood there silently. We called management, and although we had witnesses to the entire episode (who were gobsmacked at this man's foul attitude), we were not happy with how it was dealt with - management should not be joking with someone like that (supposedly the manager was building rapport, so he said later). We've been caretakers of a few parks ourselves, and with what we said to management and what other's had witnessed, this nut case should have been evicted because of his unwarranted overly aggressive foul manner. Certainly spoilt an otherwise nice time.

NT, Victoria River Crossing, Victoria River Roadhouse Caravan Park

Date of Stay: October 2022 Rating: 2
$40 for a piece of dusty dirt is a rip-off. We did not stay here last year because of that but this year we timed our trip between Katherine and Kununurra wrong so there was no alternative at that time of day. The only shade in the rare piece of level ground was not near the water tap and power outlet so we just used our onboard water. Give this one a miss. Oh, fuel is the dearest by far along this stretch. $2.60 diesel when all other places were under $2.45.

WA, Fitzroy Crossing, Fitzroy River Lodge

Date of Stay: October 2022 Rating: 3.5
The caravan park is attached to the resort which is their main business, so the advertised pool is a bit of a trudge back to the lodge and into the "resort" area. Heaps of level sites around a massive amenity block. $52 is a rip-off but there are few alternatives in this neck of woods if you don't want trouble from locals in parks in other towns along this stretch. Heaps of roos around in the morning for a "photo shoot". There is a pricey restaurant in the lodge section but we did not partake of it, because of the "pricey" bit.